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Yoshida, H. & Ono, H. (2000). Spiders of the genus Dipoena (Araneae, Theridiidae) from Japan. Bulletin of the National Museum of Nature and Science Tokyo (A) 26: 125--158. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Lasaeola okinawana Theridiidae 146, f. 33-36 (Dm) Dipoena okinawana
Lasaeola prona Theridiidae 149, f. 40-47 (mf) Dipoena prona
Lasaeola yona Theridiidae 153, f. 54-56 (Dm) Dipoena yona
Lasaeola yoshidai Theridiidae 152, f. 48-53 (mf) Dipoena yoshidai
Paidiscura subpallens Theridiidae 154, f. 57-58 (mf) Theridion subpallens
Phycosoma amamiense Theridiidae 130, f. 7-10 (f, Dm) Dipoena amamiensis
Phycosoma flavomarginatum Theridiidae 136, f. 18-20 (mf) Dipoena flavomarginata
Phycosoma japonicum Theridiidae 128, f. 1-6 (mf, S, but see Marusik & Koponen, 2000: 65, sub D. amamiensis) Dipoena japonica
Phycosoma martinae Theridiidae 132, f. 11-16 (mf, S) Dipoena martinae
Phycosoma mustelinum Theridiidae 135, f. 17 (m) Dipoena mustelina
Yaginumena castrata Theridiidae 143, f. 31-32 (mf) Dipoena castrata
Yaginumena maculosa Theridiidae 147, f. 37-39 (Dm) Dipoena maculosa
Yaginumena mutilata Theridiidae 139, f. 21-30 (f, Dm, S) Dipoena mutilata
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