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Yoshida, H., Tso, I. M. & Severinghaus, L. L. (2000). The spider family Theridiidae (Arachnida: Araneae) from Orchid Island, Taiwan: Descriptions of six new and one newly recorded species. Zoological Studies 39: 123-132. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Chrosiothes fulvus Theridiidae 126, f. 11-15 (Dmf) Chrosiothes fulvus
Chrosiothes taiwan Theridiidae 127, f. 16-18 (Dm) Chrosiothes taiwan
Chrysso orchis Theridiidae 128, f. 21-25 (Dmf) Chrysso orchis
Parasteatoda lanyuensis Theridiidae 130, f. 26-31 (Dmf) Achaearanea lanyuensis
Parasteatoda quadrimaculata Theridiidae 130, f. 32-35 (Df) Achaearanea quadrimaculata
Spheropistha nigroris Theridiidae 125, f. 5-10 (Dmf) Argyrodes nigroris
Theridion xianfengense Theridiidae 127, f. 19-20 (m) Theridion xianfengensis
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