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Buckle, D. J., Carroll, D., Crawford, R. L. & Roth, V. D. (2001). Linyphiidae and Pimoidae of America north of Mexico: checklist, synonymy, and literature. Fabreries, Supplement 10: 89-191. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Agnyphantes arboreus Linyphiidae 127 (S of Lepthyphantes rubescens) Lepthyphantes arboreus
Agyneta protrudens Linyphiidae 101, 169 (T from Microneta) Agyneta protrudens
Bathyphantes castor Linyphiidae 103 (removed from S of Bathyphantes pogonias, rejecting Marusik et al., 1993b: 74) Bathyphantes castor
Bathyphantes insulanus Linyphiidae 103 (removed from S of Bathyphantes pogonias, rejecting Marusik et al., 1993b: 74, probable S of B. castor) Bathyphantes insulanus
Ceraticelus tibialis Linyphiidae 107 (S of Ceraticelus tibiatulus and discussion) Ceraticelus tibialis
Ceratinella alaskana Linyphiidae 108 (elevated to species) Ceratinella alaskana
Erigone capra Linyphiidae 116 (removed from S of Erigone dentigera, rejecting Eskov, 1994: 37 and confirming Locket, 1964: 270) Erigone capra
Eulaira microtarsus Linyphiidae 118 (T from Hillhousia = Aphileta [in part]) Eulaira microtarsus
Floricomus nasutus Linyphiidae 119 (S of Floricomus neonasutus) Floricomus nasutus
Glyphesis idahoanus Linyphiidae 119 (listed here, but not formally transferred) Glyphesis idahoanus
Glyphesis scopulifer Linyphiidae 119 (listed here, but not formally transferred) Glyphesis scopulifer
Gnathonarium suppositum Linyphiidae 120 (regarded as valid) Gnathonarium famelicum
Halorates alascensis Linyphiidae 122 (T from Oedothorax, S of Collinsia clypiella and C. stylifera) Halorates alascensis
Idionella sclerata Linyphiidae 121 (provisional T back to Grammostola) Grammostola sclerata
Kaestneria pullata Linyphiidae 127 (regarded as valid) Kaestneria anceps
Macrargus multesimus Linyphiidae 130 (S of Porrhomma macrochelis) Macrargus multesimus
Maso sundevalli matanuskae Linyphiidae 131 Maso sundevallii matanuskae
Mermessus brevidentatus Linyphiidae 116 (rather to Eperigone) Erigone brevidentata
Metopobactrus prominulus Linyphiidae 132 (S of Maso alticeps) Metopobactrus prominulus
Pelecopsis uintana Linyphiidae 136 (T from Ceratinops, probable S of Pelecopsis mengei) Pelecopsis uintana
Poeciloneta bihamata Linyphiidae 127 Lepthyphantes bihamatus
Poeciloneta lyrica Linyphiidae 128 Lepthyphantes lyricus
Scironis simus Linyphiidae 139 (correction of ending) Scironis simus
Soulgas corticarius Linyphiidae 143 (S of Oedothorax seminolus) Soulgas corticarius
Spirembolus selma Linyphiidae 45 (T from Scylaceus, possible S of Spirembolus demonologicus) Spirembolus selma
Zornella cryptodon Linyphiidae 152 (S with Zornella cultrigera doubted) Zornella cryptodon
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