Included taxa

Gallon, R. C. (2001). Revision of the Ceratogyrus spp. formerly included in Coelogenium (Araneae: Theraphosidae, Harpactirinae). Mygalomorph 2: 1-20. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Augacephalus ezendami Theraphosidae 6, f. 10-17 (Dmf) Ceratogyrus ezendami
Augacephalus junodi Theraphosidae 19 (S) Pterinochilus junodi
Ceratogyrus dolichocephalus Theraphosidae 4, f. 1-9 (mf) Ceratogyrus dolichocephalus
Ceratogyrus hillyardi Theraphosidae 9, f. 18-21 (f) Ceratogyrus hillyardi
Ceratogyrus marshalli Theraphosidae 10, f. 22-33 (mf, S) Ceratogyrus marshalli
Ceratogyrus meridionalis Theraphosidae 11, f. 34-42 (Tm from Pterinochilus, Df) Ceratogyrus meridionalis
Ceratogyrus pillansi Theraphosidae 15, f. 43-50 (Dmf) Ceratogyrus pillansi
Pterinochilus chordatus Theraphosidae 19 (Tm from Coelogenium=Ceratogyrus) Pterinochilus raveni
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