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Griswold, C. E. & Ledford, J. (2001). A monograph of the migid trap door spiders of Madagascar and review of the world genera (Araneae, Mygalomorphae, Migidae). Occasional Papers of the California Academy of Sciences 151: 1-120. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Bertmainius tingle Migidae 16, f. 17A-B (f) Moggridgea tingle
Bothriocyrtum californicum Halonoproctidae 10, f. 64C (f) Bothriocyrtum californicum
Calathotarsus coronatus Migidae 14, f. 4, 5C-E, 6, 7A-f, 62A-B (m) Calathotarsus coronatus
Calathotarsus simoni Migidae 14, f. 5A-B, 63A (f) Calathotarsus simoni
Goloboffia vellardi Migidae 17, f. 14A-F, 63E-F (mf, T from Migas) Goloboffia vellardi
Heteromigas dovei Migidae 15, f. 8, 9A-D, 10, 11A-F, 63B (mf) Heteromigas dovei
Mallecomigas schlingeri Migidae 15, f. 12A-F, 63C-D (f) Mallecomigas schlingeri
Micromesomma cowani Migidae 19, f. 22, 23A-F, 24A-E, 25A-B, D, 26A-C (f) Micromesomma cowani
Migas gatenbyi Migidae 15, f. 13A-E, 19C, 59A-C (f) Migas gatenbyi
Moggridgea intermedia Migidae 16, f. 15A-F, 17C, 61A-D (f) Moggridgea intermedia
Moggridgea peringueyi Migidae 16, f. 16A-B (m) Moggridgea peringueyi
Moggridgea pseudocrudeni Migidae 16, f. 32D, 60C (m) Moggridgea pseudocrudeni
Paramigas alluaudi Migidae 20, f. 28A-E, 45C (f) Paramigas alluaudi
Paramigas andasibe Migidae 21, f. 29, 30A-G, 31A-H, 32A-C (Dm) Paramigas andasibe
Paramigas goodmani Migidae 22, f. 33, 34A-E, 35D (Df) Paramigas goodmani
Paramigas macrops Migidae 23, f. 36, 37A-H (Dm) Paramigas macrops
Paramigas manakambus Migidae 24, f. 38A-H (Dm) Paramigas manakambus
Paramigas milloti Migidae 25, f. 1, 35E, 39A-E (Df) Paramigas milloti
Paramigas oracle Migidae 26, f. 3C-D, 25C, 27A-D, 40A-B, 41A-G, 42A-D, 43A-D (Df) Paramigas oracle
Paramigas pauliani Migidae 27, f. 40C-D, 44A-I (f) Paramigas pauliani
Paramigas pectinatus Migidae 28, f. 45A, 46A-E (Df) Paramigas pectinatus
Paramigas perroti Migidae 29, f. 35A-C, 47A-I (f, S of Paramigas subrufus) Paramigas perroti
Paramigas rothorum Migidae 30, f. 45B48, 49A-E (Df) Paramigas rothorum
Poecilomigas abrahami Migidae 17, f. 19B, 59D, 60A (f) Poecilomigas abrahami
Poecilomigas basilleupi Migidae 17, f. 18, 19A, 20A-C (mf) Poecilomigas basilleupi
Thyropoeus malagasus Migidae 31, f. 50, 51A-E, 52, 53A-H, 54A-C, 55A-D, 56D (f, Dm) Thyropoeus malagasus
Thyropoeus mirandus Migidae 33, f. 56A-C, 57, 58A-G (f) Thyropoeus mirandus
Genus Family Page
Goloboffia Griswold & Ledford, 2001 Migidae 17