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Piel, W. H. (2001). The systematics of Neotropical orb-weaving spiders in the genus Metepeira (Araneae: Araneidae). Bulletin of the Museum of Comparative Zoology 157: 1-92. download pdf


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Metepeira arizonica Araneidae 66, f. 206-212 (mf) Metepeira arizonica
Metepeira atascadero Araneidae 67, f. 214-221 (Dmf) Metepeira atascadero
Metepeira cajabamba Araneidae 26, f. 38-45 (Dmf) Metepeira cajabamba
Metepeira calamuchita Araneidae 42, f. 100-107 (Dmf) Metepeira calamuchita
Metepeira celestun Araneidae 74, f. 243-249 (Dmf) Metepeira celestun
Metepeira chilapae Araneidae 78, f. 264-270 (m, Df) Metepeira chilapae
Metepeira comanche Araneidae 62, f. 185-191 (mf) Metepeira comanche
Metepeira compsa Araneidae 48, f. 5, 129-140 (mf, S) Metepeira compsa
Metepeira crassipes Araneidae 77, f. 2, 257-263 (mf) Metepeira crassipes
Metepeira datona Araneidae 20, f. 7-13 (mf) Metepeira datona
Metepeira desenderi Araneidae 21, f. 15-21 (mf) Metepeira desenderi
Metepeira galatheae Araneidae 43, f. 110-120 (f, Dm) Metepeira galatheae
Metepeira glomerabilis Araneidae 28, f. 46-52 (Tmf from Metazygia, S) Metepeira glomerabilis
Metepeira gosoga Araneidae 59, f. 171-177 (mf) Metepeira gosoga
Metepeira grandiosa Araneidae 23, f. 22-28 (mf) Metepeira grandiosa
Metepeira grandiosa Araneidae 24, f. 29-35 (mf) Metepeira grandiosa alpina
Metepeira gressa Araneidae 54, f. 149-156 (f, Sm) Metepeira gressa
Metepeira inca Araneidae 58, f. 164-170 (Dmf) Metepeira inca
Metepeira incrassata Araneidae 68, f. 222-228 (f, Dm, S) Metepeira incrassata
Metepeira jamaicensis Araneidae 86, f. 293-299 (removed f from S of M. minima, contra Levi, 1977b: 206, Dm) Metepeira jamaicensis
Metepeira karkii Araneidae 46, f. 121-128 (removed f from S of M. labyrinthea, Dm) Metepeira karkii
Metepeira labyrinthea Araneidae 7, f. 6 (m) Metepeira labyrinthea
Metepeira lacandon Araneidae 37, f. 76-83 (Dmf) Metepeira lacandon
Metepeira maya Araneidae 56, f. 157-163 (Dmf) Metepeira maya
Metepeira minima Araneidae 82, f. 278-285 (mf) Metepeira minima
Metepeira nigriventris Araneidae 38, f. 84-91 (mf) Metepeira nigriventris
Metepeira olmec Araneidae 60, f. 178-184 (Dmf) Metepeira olmec
Metepeira pacifica Araneidae 84, f. 286-292 (Dmf) Metepeira pacifica
Metepeira petatlan Araneidae 80, f. 271-277 (Dmf) Metepeira petatlan
Metepeira pimungan Araneidae 62, f. 192-198 (Dmf) Metepeira pimungan
Metepeira rectangula Araneidae 32, f. 60-66 (removed f from S of M. labyrinthea, Dm) Metepeira rectangula
Metepeira revillagigedo Araneidae 73, f. 236-242 (Dmf) Metepeira revillagigedo
Metepeira roraima Araneidae 53, f. 141-148 (Dmf) Metepeira roraima
Metepeira spinipes Araneidae 34, f. 67-75 (mf, S) Metepeira spinipes
Metepeira tarapaca Araneidae 40, f. 3, 92-99 (Dmf) Metepeira tarapaca
Metepeira triangularis Araneidae 63, f. 199-205 (removed f from S of M. labyrinthea, Sm) Metepeira triangularis
Metepeira uncata Araneidae 76, f. 250-256 (m, Df) Metepeira uncata
Metepeira ventura Araneidae 71, f. 229-235 (mf) Metepeira ventura
Metepeira vigilax Araneidae 30, f. 53-59 (m, Sf) Metepeira vigilax
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