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Townsend Jr., V. R., Felgenhauer, B. E. & Grimshaw, J. F. (2001). Comparative morphology of the Australian lynx spiders of the genus Oxyopes (Araneae: Oxyopidae). Australian Journal of Zoology 49(5): 561-576. doi:10.1071/ZO00054 download pdf


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Oxyopes papuanus Oxyopidae 565, f. 1A, 2B (mf, lapsus) Oxyopes papuanis
Oxyopes salticus Oxyopidae 565, f. 1B, 2C (mf) Oxyopes salticus
Oxyopes sushilae Oxyopidae 565, f. 1C-D (m) Oxyopes sushilae
Oxyopes uncinatus Oxyopidae 565, f. 1E-F (m) Oxyopes uncinatus
Oxyopes variabilis Oxyopidae 566, f. 2A (f) Oxyopes variabilis
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