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Azarkina, G. N. (2002). New and poorly known species of the genus Aelurillus Simon, 1884 from central Asia, Asia Minor and the eastern Mediterranean (Araneae: Salticidae). Bulletin of the British Arachnological Society 12: 249-263. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Aelurillus blandus Salticidae 250, f. 1-7 (m) Aelurillus blandus
Aelurillus cretensis Salticidae 251, f. 9-18 (Dmf) Aelurillus cretensis
Aelurillus improvisus Salticidae 253, f. 19-29 (Dmf) Aelurillus improvisus
Aelurillus leipoldae Salticidae 253, f. 31-42 (Tm from Asianellus, Df) Aelurillus leipoldae
Aelurillus m-nigrum Salticidae 259, f. 72-80 (mf) Aelurillus m-nigrum
Aelurillus marusiki Salticidae 255, f. 44-52 (Dmf) Aelurillus marusiki
Aelurillus minimontanus Salticidae 257, f. 54-62 (Dmf) Aelurillus minimontanus
Aelurillus minutus Salticidae 258, f. 64-70 (Dm) Aelurillus minutus
Aelurillus nenilini Salticidae 260, f. 81-85 (Dm) Aelurillus nenilini
Aelurillus unitibialis Salticidae 260, f. 86-95 (Dmf) Aelurillus unitibialis
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