Included taxa

Bosselaers, J. (2002). A cladistic analysis of Zoropsidae (Araneae), with the description of a new genus. Belgian Journal of Zoology 132: 141-154. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Acanthoctenus gaujoni Ctenidae 152, f. 3B, 5A-B (mf) Acanthoctenus gaujoni
Akamasia cyprogenia Zoropsidae 149, f. 3C, 4A-B (Tf from Zoropsis, Dm) Akamasia cyprogenia
Takeoa nishimurai Zoropsidae 142, f. 1A-B, 3D-E (mf) Takeoa nishimurai
Zoropsis media Zoropsidae 142, f. 3A, 4C-D (mf) Zoropsis media
Zoropsis spinimana Zoropsidae 142, f. 1C (m) Zoropsis spinimana
Genus Family Page
Akamasia Bosselaers, 2002 Zoropsidae 149