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Dippenaar-Schoeman, A. S. (2002). Baboon and trapdoor spiders of southern Africa: an identification manual. Plant Protection Research Institute Handbook 13: 1-128. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Allothele australis Euagridae 54, f. 30f, 31a (mf) Allothele australis
Allothele caffer Euagridae 54, f. 30d-e, 31b (mf) Allothele caffer
Allothele malawi Euagridae 54, f. 30g-h, 31c (mf) Allothele malawi
Allothele teretis Euagridae 54, f. 30b-c, 31d-e (mf) Allothele teretis
Ancylotrypa zuluensis Cyrtaucheniidae 48, f. 25h (m) Ancylotrypa zuluensis
Calommata simoni Atypidae 21, f. 9, 10a-g (Dm) Calommata simoni
Microstigmata amatola Microstigmatidae 79, f. 49d, i (mf) Microstigmata amatola
Microstigmata geophila Microstigmatidae 79, f. 49c, h (mf) Microstigmata geophila
Microstigmata lawrencei Microstigmatidae 79, f. 49g (f) Microstigmata lawrencei
Microstigmata longipes Microstigmatidae 80, f. 49e (m) Microstigmata longipes
Microstigmata zuluensis Microstigmatidae 80, f. 49f (m) Microstigmata zuluense
Moggridgea intermedia Migidae 88, f. 55j (f) Moggridgea intermedia
Moggridgea leipoldti Migidae 88, f. 55g-h (f) Moggridgea leipoldti
Moggridgea loistata Migidae 87, f. 55k (f) Moggridgea loistata
Moggridgea mordax Migidae 89, f. 55d-e (f) Moggridgea mordax
Moggridgea terricola Migidae 90, f. 55i (f) Moggridgea terricola
Poecilomigas abrahami Migidae 83, f. 53a, c-d (mf) Poecilomigas abrahami
Poecilomigas elegans Migidae 84, f. 53b, e (m) Poecilomigas elegans
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