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Gray, M. R. & Smith, H. M. (2002). Therlinya, a new genus of spiders from eastern Australia (Araneae: Amaurobioidea). Records of the Australian Museum 54: 293-312. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Therlinya angusta Stiphidiidae 309, f. 14a-e (Dmf) Therlinya angusta
Therlinya ballata Stiphidiidae 305, f. 10a-f (Dmf) Therlinya ballata
Therlinya bellinger Stiphidiidae 303, f. 7a-d (Dmf) Therlinya bellinger
Therlinya foveolata Stiphidiidae 302, f. 5a-e (Dmf) Therlinya foveolata
Therlinya horsemanae Stiphidiidae 303, f. 8a-f (Dmf) Therlinya horsemanae
Therlinya kiah Stiphidiidae 300, f. 1a, c-f, 2a-e, 3a-e, 4a-h (Dmf) Therlinya kiah
Therlinya lambkinae Stiphidiidae 308, f. 1b, 13a-e (Dmf) Therlinya lambkinae
Therlinya monteithi Stiphidiidae 310, f. 15a-f (Dmf) Therlinya monteithi
Therlinya nasuta Stiphidiidae 311, f. 16a-c (Df) Therlinya nasuta
Therlinya vexillum Stiphidiidae 306, f. 11a-f (Dmf) Therlinya vexillum
Therlinya wiangaree Stiphidiidae 304, f. 9a-f (Dmf) Therlinya wiangaree
Genus Family Page
Therlinya Gray & Smith, 2002 Stiphidiidae 296