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J├Ąger, P. (2002b). Heteropodinae: transfers and synonymies (Arachnida: Araneae: Sparassidae). Acta Arachnologica 51(1): 33-61. doi:10.2476/asjaa.51.33 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Barylestis fagei Sparassidae 36, f. 1-2 (Tm from Torania=Heteropoda) Barylestis fagei
Barylestis montandoni Sparassidae 36, f. 3-7 (Tmf from Torania=Heteropoda) Barylestis montandoni
Barylestis nigripectus Sparassidae 37, f. 8-10 (f) Barylestis nigripectus
Barylestis occidentalis Sparassidae 37, f. 14-18 (Tmf from Torania=Heteropoda) Barylestis occidentalis
Barylestis peltatus Sparassidae 37, f. 11-13 (f) Barylestis peltatus
Barylestis scutatus Sparassidae 37, f. 19-27 (Tmf from Torania=Heteropoda) Barylestis scutatus
Barylestis variatus Sparassidae 39, f. 28-35 (mf from Torania=Heteropoda) Barylestis variatus
Heteropoda boiei Sparassidae 45, f. 87-95 (mf, S) Heteropoda boiei
Heteropoda bonthainensis Sparassidae 52, f. 138-142 (mf, elevated to species) Heteropoda bonthainensis
Heteropoda boutani Sparassidae 42, f. 54-60 (mf) Heteropoda boutani
Heteropoda chelata Sparassidae 42, f. 70-73 (f) Heteropoda chelata
Heteropoda dasyurina Sparassidae 49, f. 118-123 (f) Heteropoda dasyurina
Heteropoda flavocephala Sparassidae 53, f. 149-155 (f, elevated to species) Heteropoda flavocephala
Heteropoda hampsoni Sparassidae 50, f. 124-128 (f) Heteropoda hampsoni
Heteropoda ignichelis Sparassidae 45, f. 74-76 (f) Heteropoda ignichelis
Heteropoda javana Sparassidae 45, f. 61-69 (mf) Heteropoda javana
Heteropoda lashbrooki Sparassidae 40, f. 36-42 (mf) Heteropoda lashbrooki
Heteropoda lunula Sparassidae 49, f. 106-117 (removed f from synonymy of H. thoracica, Sm) Heteropoda lunula
Heteropoda luwuensis Sparassidae 54 (j, elevated to species) Heteropoda luwuensis
Heteropoda megalopis Sparassidae 58, f. 132-133 (j) Spariolenus megalopis
Heteropoda meriani Sparassidae 55, f. 161-162 (f, elevated to species) Heteropoda montana
Heteropoda minahassae Sparassidae 54, f. 143-148 (f, elevated to species) Heteropoda minahassae
Heteropoda murina Sparassidae 40, f. 43-46 (f) Heteropoda murina
Heteropoda nirounensis Sparassidae 45, f. 81-86 (f) Heteropoda nirounensis
Heteropoda ocyalina Sparassidae 47, f. 96-105 (f, S) Heteropoda ocyalina
Heteropoda planiceps Sparassidae 40, f. 47-50 (f) Heteropoda planiceps
Heteropoda spinipes Sparassidae 42, f. 51-53 (m) Heteropoda spinipes
Heteropoda strandi Sparassidae 50, f. 129-131 (f, replacement name) Heteropoda strandi
Heteropoda striata Sparassidae 35, f. 163-165 (f, elevated to species) Heteropoda striata
Heteropoda venatoria Sparassidae 51 (S) Heteropoda venatoria
Hoedillus sexpunctatus Zoropsidae 55, f. 166-172 (f) Hoedillus sexpunctatus
Martensopoda minuscula Sparassidae 58, f. 134-137 (Tf from Heteropoda) Spariolenus minusculus
Pandercetes longipes Sparassidae 57, f. 173-176 (m) Pandercetes longipes
Pandercetes nigrogularis Sparassidae 56, f. 177-183 (Tf from Adrastis=Heteropoda) Pandercetes nigrogularis
Pseudopoda akashi Sparassidae 57 (Tf from Heteropoda) Pseudopoda akashi
Pseudopoda lutea Sparassidae 57, f. 184-189 (Tmf from Heteropoda) Pseudopoda lutea
Spariolenus tigris Sparassidae 58 (S) Spariolenus tigris
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