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Ono, H. (2002a). New and remarkable spiders of the families Liphistiidae, Argyronetidae, Pisauridae, Theridiidae and Araneidae (Arachnida) from Japan. Bulletin of the National Museum of Nature and Science Tokyo (A) 28: 51-60. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Araneus seminiger Araneidae 58, f. 21-22 (Sm) Araneus seminiger
Araneus stella Araneidae 59, f. 23 (Smf) Araneus stella
Argyroneta aquatica Dictynidae 53, f. 8-11 (mf) Argyroneta aquatica
Argyroneta aquatica Dictynidae 53, f. 4-7 (Dmf) Argyroneta aquatica japonica
Chrysso foliata Theridiidae 56, f. 18-20 (Tj from Ero, contra Brignoli, 1975e: 80, Smf) Chrysso foliata
Dolomedes yawatai Pisauridae 55, f. 12-17 (Dmf) Dolomedes yawatai
Ryuthela iheyana Liphistiidae 52, f. 1-3 (Df) Ryuthela iheyana
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