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Tuneva, T. K. & Esyunin, S. L. (2002). A review of the family Gnaphosidae in the fauna of the Urals (Aranei), 2. New and rare genera. Arthropoda Selecta 10(3, 2001): 217-224. [publ. in July 2002] download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Berlandina cinerea Gnaphosidae 217, f. 1-6 (mf) Berlandina cinerea
Kishidaia conspicua Gnaphosidae 219, f. 16-19 (m) Poecilochroa conspicua
Leptopilos memorialis Gnaphosidae 218, f. 7-10 (mf) Leptodrassus memorialis
Marinarozelotes adriaticus Gnaphosidae 223, f. 30-34 (mf) Trachyzelotes adriaticus
Marinarozelotes chybyndensis Gnaphosidae 224, f. 35-38 (Dmf) Trachyzelotes chybyndensis
Phaeocedus braccatus Gnaphosidae 219, f. 11-15 (mf) Phaeocedus braccatus
Poecilochroa variana Gnaphosidae 221, f. 20-24 (mf) Poecilochroa variana
Sosticus loricatus Gnaphosidae 222, f. 25-29 (mf) Sosticus loricatus
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