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Haupt, J. (2003). The Mesothelae -- a monograph of an exceptional group of spiders (Aaneae: Mesothelae): (Morphology, behaviour, ecology, taxonomy, distribution and phylogeny). Zoologica 154: 1-102. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Heptathela amamiensis Liphistiidae 69, f. 43I, K, 49A-B, 52P, 54N-O, 55.1-3, 62G (mf) Heptathela kimurai amamiensis
Heptathela higoensis Liphistiidae 69, f. 43G (f) Heptathela kimurai higoensis
Heptathela higoensis Liphistiidae 69, f. 50C-D, 52O, 54I-L, 62K (mf) Heptathela kimurai higoensis
Heptathela kimurai Liphistiidae 69, f. 50A-B, 52M-N, 54A-H, 62L (mf) Heptathela kimurai
Heptathela yakushimaensis Liphistiidae 69, f. 54M, 52I (mf) Heptathela kimurai yakushimaensis
Heptathela yanbaruensis Liphistiidae 69, f. 49C-D, 53F-I, K, 54P-U, 55.4-6, 62H (mf) Heptathela kimurai yanbaruensis
Liphistius batuensis Liphistiidae 69, f. 45C-D (m) Liphistius batuensis
Liphistius desultor Liphistiidae 69, f. 43A-B (f) Liphistius desultor
Liphistius malayanus Liphistiidae 69, f. 43C-D, 45A-B (mf) Liphistius malayanus
Liphistius malayanus Liphistiidae 69, f. 43E-F, 47A-D (mf) Liphistius malayanus cameroni
Liphistius murphyorum Liphistiidae 69, f. 46A-A (m) Liphistius murphyorum
Liphistius trang Liphistiidae 69, f. 46C-D (m) Liphistius trang
Ryuthela ishigakiensis Liphistiidae 71, f. 48C-D, 52C-E, 53.25-33, 62B (mf) Ryuthela nishihirai ishigakiensis
Ryuthela nishihirai Liphistiidae 71, f. 43H, 48A-B, 52A-B, 53.1-24, 55.7-9, 62A (mf) Ryuthela nishihirai
Sinothela heyangensis Liphistiidae 71 (Tf from Heptathela) Sinothela heyangensis
Sinothela schensiensis Liphistiidae 71 (Tmf, f. 62E from Heptathela) Sinothela schensiensis
Sinothela sinensis Liphistiidae 71, f. 62F (Tmf from Heptathela) Sinothela sinensis
Songthela hangzhouensis Liphistiidae 71, f. 52L, 62D (mf) Sinothela hangzhouensis
Vinathela hongkong Liphistiidae 69, f. 51C-E (Tm from Heptathela) Nanthela hongkong
Vinathela tonkinensis Liphistiidae 69, f. 51A-B, 62C (Tm from Heptathela) Nanthela tonkinensis
Genus Family Page
Nanthela Haupt, 2003 Liphistiidae 69
Sinothela Haupt, 2003 Liphistiidae 69