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Haupt, J. (2003). The Mesothelae -- a monograph of an exceptional group of spiders (Aaneae: Mesothelae): (Morphology, behaviour, ecology, taxonomy, distribution and phylogeny). Zoologica 154: 1-102. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Heptathela amamiensis Heptathelidae 69, f. 43I, K, 49A-B, 52P, 54N-O, 55.1-3, 62G (mf) Heptathela kimurai amamiensis
Heptathela higoensis Heptathelidae 69, f. 43G (f) Heptathela kimurai higoensis
Heptathela higoensis Heptathelidae 69, f. 50C-D, 52O, 54I-L, 62K (mf) Heptathela kimurai higoensis
Heptathela kimurai Heptathelidae 69, f. 50A-B, 52M-N, 54A-H, 62L (mf) Heptathela kimurai
Heptathela yakushimaensis Heptathelidae 69, f. 54M, 52I (mf) Heptathela kimurai yakushimaensis
Heptathela yanbaruensis Heptathelidae 69, f. 49C-D, 53F-I, K, 54P-U, 55.4-6, 62H (mf) Heptathela kimurai yanbaruensis
Liphistius batuensis Liphistiidae 69, f. 45C-D (m) Liphistius batuensis
Liphistius desultor Liphistiidae 69, f. 43A-B (f) Liphistius desultor
Liphistius malayanus Liphistiidae 69, f. 43C-D, 45A-B (mf) Liphistius malayanus
Liphistius malayanus Liphistiidae 69, f. 43E-F, 47A-D (mf) Liphistius malayanus cameroni
Liphistius murphyorum Liphistiidae 69, f. 46A-A (m) Liphistius murphyorum
Liphistius trang Liphistiidae 69, f. 46C-D (m) Liphistius trang
Luthela schensiensis Heptathelidae 71 Sinothela heyangensis
Luthela schensiensis Heptathelidae 71, f. 62E (m) Sinothela schensiensis
Ryuthela ishigakiensis Heptathelidae 71, f. 48C-D, 52C-E, 53.25-33, 62B (mf) Ryuthela nishihirai ishigakiensis
Ryuthela nishihirai Heptathelidae 71, f. 43H, 48A-B, 52A-B, 53.1-24, 55.7-9, 62A (mf) Ryuthela nishihirai
Sinothela sinensis Heptathelidae 71, f. 62F (m) Sinothela sinensis
Songthela hangzhouensis Heptathelidae 71, f. 52L, 62D (mf) Sinothela hangzhouensis
Vinathela hongkong Heptathelidae 69, f. 51C-E (Tm from Heptathela) Nanthela hongkong
Vinathela tonkinensis Heptathelidae 69, f. 51A-B, 62C (m, T from Vinathela) Nanthela tonkinensis
Genus Family Page
Nanthela Haupt, 2003 Heptathelidae 69
Sinothela Haupt, 2003 Heptathelidae 69