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Levi, H. W. (2003). The bolas spiders of the genus Mastophora (Araneae: Araneidae). Bulletin of the Museum of Comparative Zoology 157(5): 309-382. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Cladomelea akermani Araneidae 378, f. 434-444 (mf) Cladomelea akermani
Kaira altiventer Araneidae 325 (S of Mastophora fasciolata) Kaira altiventer
Mastophora abalosi Araneidae 356, f. 265-268 (f) Mastophora abalosi
Mastophora alachua Araneidae 330, f. 40-50 (Dmf) Mastophora alachua
Mastophora alvareztoroi Araneidae 360, f. 296-307 (Dmf) Mastophora alvareztoroi
Mastophora apalachicola Araneidae 326, f. 15-21 (Df) Mastophora apalachicola
Mastophora archeri Araneidae 346, f. 183-193 (mf) Mastophora archeri
Mastophora bisaccata Araneidae 330, f. 1, 6, 51-62 (mf, S of Mastophora obesa) Mastophora bisaccata
Mastophora brescoviti Araneidae 363, f. 322-328 (Df) Mastophora brescoviti
Mastophora carpogaster Araneidae 340, f. 128-134 (f) Mastophora carpogastra
Mastophora catarina Araneidae 339, f. 100-106 (Df) Mastophora catarina
Mastophora cinerea Araneidae 257 (type is immature, doubtful S of Mastophora extraordinaria, taken as nomen dubium by Platnick) Mastophora cinerea
Mastophora comma Araneidae 356, f. 269-273 (f) Mastophora comma
Mastophora conifera Araneidae 364, f. 329-335 (f) Mastophora conifera
Mastophora cornigera Araneidae 344, f. 169-182 (mf) Mastophora cornigera
Mastophora corpulenta Araneidae 364, f. 336-342 (f, S of Mastophora lenca) Mastophora corpulenta
Mastophora corumbatai Araneidae 339, f. 114-120 (Df) Mastophora corumbatai
Mastophora cranion Araneidae 351, f. 223-229 (f) Mastophora cranion
Mastophora diablo Araneidae 372, f. 4, 399-407 (Df) Mastophora diablo
Mastophora dizzydeani Araneidae 350, f. 205-215 (mf) Mastophora dizzydeani
Mastophora escomeli Araneidae 366, f. 351-361 (Dmf) Mastophora escomeli
Mastophora extraordinaria Araneidae 357, f. 281-287 (f, S of Mastophora intermedia) Mastophora extraordinaria
Mastophora fasciata Araneidae 348, f. 194-204 (Dm, f, S of Mastophora pickeli occidentalis) Mastophora fasciata
Mastophora felda Araneidae 326, f. 22-28 (Df) Mastophora felda
Mastophora felis Araneidae 369, f. 366-372 (f) Mastophora felis
Mastophora gasteracanthoides Araneidae 374, f. 5, 7, 408-421 (mf, S of Mastophora gasteracanthoides oxalidis) Mastophora gasteracanthoides
Mastophora haywardi Araneidae 339, f. 107-113 (f) Mastophora haywardi
Mastophora holmbergi Araneidae 369, f. 373-379 (f) Mastophora holmbergi
Mastophora hutchinsoni Araneidae 342, f. 153-168 (mf) Mastophora hutchinsoni
Mastophora lara Araneidae 340, f. 121-127 (Df) Mastophora lara
Mastophora leucabulba Araneidae 358, f. 288-295 (f, Dm) Mastophora leucabulba
Mastophora leucacantha Araneidae 362, f. 315-321 (Df, T from Agathostichus) Mastophora leucacantha
Mastophora longiceps Araneidae 351, f. 230-236 (f) Mastophora longiceps
Mastophora melloleitaoi Araneidae 356, f. 274-280 (f) Mastophora melloleitaoi
Mastophora obtusa Araneidae 368, f. 362-365 (j) Mastophora obtusa
Mastophora pesqueiro Araneidae 352, f. 237-243 (Df) Mastophora pesqueiro
Mastophora phrynosoma Araneidae 336, f. 86-99 (f, Dm) Mastophora phrynosoma
Mastophora pickeli Araneidae 350, f. 216-222 (f) Mastophora pickeli
Mastophora piras Araneidae 352, f. 244-250 (Df) Mastophora piras
Mastophora rabida Araneidae 366, f. 343-350 (Df) Mastophora rabida
Mastophora reimoseri Araneidae 370, f. 380-386 (Df) Mastophora reimoseri
Mastophora satan Araneidae 370, f. 387-398 (f, Dm) Mastophora satan
Mastophora satsuma Araneidae 325, f. 8-14 (Df) Mastophora satsuma
Mastophora seminole Araneidae 341, f. 135-141 (Df) Mastophora seminole
Mastophora soberiana Araneidae 362, f. 308-314 (Df) Mastophora soberiana
Mastophora stowei Araneidae 334, f. 63-74 (Dmf) Mastophora stowei
Mastophora timuqua Araneidae 328, f. 29-39 (Dmf) Mastophora timuqua
Mastophora vaquera Araneidae 342, f. 142-152 (f) Mastophora vaquera
Mastophora yacare Araneidae 354, f. 258-264 (Df) Mastophora yacare
Mastophora yeargani Araneidae 336, f. 75-85 (Dmf) Mastophora yeargani
Mastophora ypiranga Araneidae 354, f. 251-257 (Df) Mastophora ypiranga
Ordgarius magnificus Araneidae 376, f. 422-433 (mf) Ordgarius magnificus
Ordgarius sexspinosus Araneidae 376 (S of Ordgarius nigrithorax) Ordgarius sexspinosus
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