Included taxa

Levy, G. (2003). Spiders of the families Anyphaenidae, Hahniidae, Ctenidae, Zoridae, and Hersiliidae (Araneae) from Israel. Israel Journal of Zoology 49: 1-31. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Anahita syriaca Ctenidae 11, f. 16-22 (Tj from Ctenus, Dmf) Anahita syriaca
Anyphaena syriaca Anyphaenidae 3, f. 1-8 (mf) Anyphaena syriaca
Hersilia caudata Hersiliidae 21, f. 41-46 (mf) Hersilia caudata
Hersiliola macullulata Hersiliidae 28, f. 57-60 (mf) Hersiliola macullulata
Hersiliola simoni Hersiliidae 25, f. 47-56 (mf, S of Hersiliola lucasi) Hersiliola simoni
Iberina candida Hahniidae 8, f. 9-15 (mf) Hahnia candida
Israzorides judaeus Miturgidae 19, f. 32-40 (Dmf) Israzorides judaeus
Oecobius brachyplura demaculatus Oecobiidae 25 (nomen dubium) Hersiliola brachyplura demaculata
Oecobius brachyplura Oecobiidae 25 (nomen dubium) Hersiliola brachyplura
Zora maculosa Miturgidae 13 (type is juvenile, nomen dubium) Zora maculosa
Zora manicata Miturgidae 15, f. 23-31 (mf, S of Zora jaffana) Zora manicata
Genus Family Page
Israzorides Levy, 2003 Miturgidae 16