Included taxa

Levy, G. (2003). Spiders of the families Anyphaenidae, Hahniidae, Ctenidae, Zoridae, and Hersiliidae (Araneae) from Israel. Israel Journal of Zoology 49: 1-31. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Anahita syriaca Ctenidae 11, f. 16-22 (Tj from Ctenus, Dmf) Anahita syriaca
Anyphaena syriaca Anyphaenidae 3, f. 1-8 (mf) Anyphaena syriaca
Hersilia caudata Hersiliidae 21, f. 41-46 (mf) Hersilia caudata
Hersiliola macullulata Hersiliidae 28, f. 57-60 (mf) Hersiliola macullulata
Hersiliola simoni Hersiliidae 25, f. 47-56 (mf, S) Hersiliola simoni
Iberina candida Hahniidae 8, f. 9-15 (mf) Hahnia candida
Israzorides judaeus Miturgidae 19, f. 32-40 (Dmf) Israzorides judaeus
Oecobius brachyplura demaculatus Oecobiidae 25 (nomen dubium) Hersiliola brachyplura demaculata
Oecobius brachyplura Oecobiidae 25 (nomen dubium) Hersiliola brachyplura
Zora manicata Miturgidae 15, f. 23-31 (mf, S) Zora manicata
Genus Family Page
Israzorides Levy, 2003 Miturgidae 16