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Ramírez, M. J. (2003). The spider subfamily Amaurobioidinae (Araneae, Anyphaenidae): a phylogenetic revision at the generic level. Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History 277: 1-262. doi:10.1206/0003-0090(2003)277<0001:TSSAAA>2.0.CO;2 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Acanthoceto acupicta Anyphaenidae 77, f. 31A, 32B, 33D-E (m) Acanthoceto acupicta
Acanthoceto cinerea Anyphaenidae 76, f. 32A, 33C (m) Acanthoceto cinerea
Acanthoceto pichi Anyphaenidae 74, f. 33B (m) Acanthoceto pichi
Amaurobioides africana Anyphaenidae 55, f. 13A-D, 15A-D, 18E-I (mf) Amaurobioides africana
Amaurobioides chilensis Anyphaenidae 56, f. 19A-C, 20A-C (Tmf from Philisca) Amaurobioides chilensis
Amaurobioides maritima Anyphaenidae 53, f. 18A-D (mf) Amaurobioides maritima
Anyphaena accentuata Anyphaenidae 39, f. 11A-C (m) Anyphaena accentuata
Arachosia albiventris Anyphaenidae 131 (Tf from Gayenna) Arachosia bonneti
Arachosia bergi Anyphaenidae 139, f. 68D-F, 75A-D (Tm from Oxysoma, Df; not f. 67B, 70, =A. kapiipeoi) Arachosia bergi
Arachosia bifasciata Anyphaenidae 131 (Tm from Oxysoma) Arachosia bifasciata
Arachosia cubana Anyphaenidae 142 (Tmf from Oxysoma) Arachosia cubana
Arachosia dubia Anyphaenidae 131 (T from Oxysoma) Arachosia dubia
Arachosia duplovittata Anyphaenidae 131 (T from Gayenna) Arachosia duplovittata
Arachosia honesta Anyphaenidae 137, f. 74A-F (f, Dm, S) Arachosia honesta
Arachosia kapiipeoi Anyphaenidae 139, f. 67B, 70 (m, misidentified, per Rubio & Ramírez, 2015: 63) Arachosia bergi
Arachosia oblonga Anyphaenidae 131 (Tf from Anyphaena) Arachosia oblonga
Arachosia polytrichia Anyphaenidae 131 (T from Oxysoma) Arachosia polytrichia
Arachosia praesignis Anyphaenidae 131, f. 61A, 67A, 69B, 71A-C, 72 (Tf from Gayenna, Dm, S) Arachosia praesignis
Arachosia proseni Anyphaenidae 131 (Tmf from Gayenna) Arachosia proseni
Arachosia striata Anyphaenidae 136, f. 73A-B (Tf from Gayenna) Arachosia striata
Araiya coccinea Anyphaenidae 212, f. 112B, 114A-F (f, Dm, S) Araiya coccinea
Araiya pallida Anyphaenidae 210, f. 111B-D, 112A, 113A-H (f, Dm) Araiya pallida
Axyracrus elegans Anyphaenidae 58, f. 21A-H (f, Dm, S) Axyracrus elegans
Aysenia araucana Anyphaenidae 65, f. 25A-E (Dmf) Aysenia araucana
Aysenia cylindrica Anyphaenidae 64, f. 24A-G (Dmf) Aysenia cylindrica
Aysenia elongata Anyphaenidae 61, f. 22A-D (f) Aysenia elongata
Aysenia segestrioides Anyphaenidae 62, f. 23A-G (Dmf) Aysenia segestrioides
Aysenoides colecole Anyphaenidae 70, f. 26A-D, 28A-F, 35B (Dmf) Aysenoides colecole
Aysenoides parvus Anyphaenidae 72, f. 29A-E, 30A-D (Dmf) Aysenoides parvus
Aysenoides terricola Anyphaenidae 67, f. 27A-E (Dmf) Aysenoides terricola
Coptoprepes campanensis Anyphaenidae 87, f. 39A-D, 40, 41A-D (Dmf) Coptoprepes campanensis
Coptoprepes flavopilosus Anyphaenidae 81, f. 35A, 36A-G, 37A-B (mf) Coptoprepes flavopilosus
Coptoprepes nahuelbuta Anyphaenidae 85, f. 38A-H (Dmf) Coptoprepes nahuelbuta
Coptoprepes valdiviensis Anyphaenidae 90, f. 42A-E (Dmf) Coptoprepes valdiviensis
Ferrieria echinata Anyphaenidae 79, f. 33A, 34A-D, 35C (m) Ferrieria echinata
Gamakia hirsuta Anyphaenidae 92, f. 43A-C, 44A-D, 45A-E, 46 (Dmf) Gamakia hirsuta
Gayenna albiventris Anyphaenidae 120 (nomen dubium, in Gayennini - taken as Gayenna by Platnick) Clubiona albiventris
Gayenna americana Anyphaenidae 121, f. 12A-C, 13E-G, 16A-E, 17A-D, 62A-B, 63A-D, 68A-C (m) Gayenna americana
Gayenna gibbosa Anyphaenidae 120 (nomen dubium, in Gayennini - taken as Gayenna by Platnick) Clubiona gibbosa
Gayenna lepida Anyphaenidae 120 (nomen dubium, in Gayennini - taken as Gayenna by Platnick) Clubiona lepida
Gayenna lineata Anyphaenidae 44 (nomen dubium) Clubiona lineata
Gayenna puella Anyphaenidae 120 (nomen dubium, in Gayennini - taken as Gayenna by Platnick) Clubiona puella
Gayenna pulchella Anyphaenidae 120 (nomen dubium, in Gayennini - taken as Gayenna by Platnick) Clubiona pulchella
Gayennoides losvilos Anyphaenidae 128, f. 64A, 66A-G (Dmf) Gayennoides losvilos
Gayennoides molles Anyphaenidae 125, f. 64B, 65A-G (Dmf) Gayennoides molles
Josa andesiana Anyphaenidae 109 (Tmf from Gayenna) Josa andesiana
Josa calilegua Anyphaenidae 114, f. 54A-D, 58A-D (Dmf) Josa calilegua
Josa chazaliae Anyphaenidae 109 (Tf from Tomopisthes) Josa chazaliae
Josa keyserlingi Anyphaenidae 109 (Tmf from Gayenna) Josa keyserlingi
Josa lutea Anyphaenidae 109, f. 55A-D (mf, S of Gayenna riveti, Haptisus nicoleti and Josa pilosa) Josa lutea
Josa nigricans Anyphaenidae 109 (T from Haptisus, nomen dubium) Josa nigricans
Josa nigrifrons Anyphaenidae 117, f. 59A-G, 60A-E (f, Dm, S of Josa insignis) Josa nigrifrons
Josa personata Anyphaenidae 114, f. 57A-F (f) Josa personata
Josa riveti Anyphaenidae 111, f. 56A-J (f, Dm, T from Gayenella) Josa riveti
Josa simoni Anyphaenidae 109 (Tmf from Gayenna) Josa simoni
Monapia angusta Anyphaenidae 254, f. 139E-H (Dm) Monapia angusta
Monapia carolina Anyphaenidae 233, f. 139A-D (Dm) Monapia carolina
Monapia citrina Anyphaenidae 249 (T from Gayenna, nomen dubium) Clubiona citrina
Negayan coccinea Anyphaenidae 103, f. 47A-D, 51A-D (Tf from Axyracrus, Dm) Negayan coccinea
Negayan excepta Anyphaenidae 97 (Tf from Gayenna) Negayan excepta
Negayan paduana Anyphaenidae 97 (Tf from Tomopisthes) Negayan lebruni
Negayan paduana Anyphaenidae 100, f. 49A-F, 50A-D (Tf from Clubiona, Sm) Negayan paduana
Negayan tridentata Anyphaenidae 97, f. 48A-H (Tf from Gayenna, Dm) Negayan tridentata
Negayan tridentata Anyphaenidae 97 (Tm from Gayenna) Negayan exigua
Oxysoma chiloense Anyphaenidae 237, f. 131A-B, 132A-G (Dmf) Tasata chiloensis
Oxysoma delfini Anyphaenidae 215 (nomen dubium) Oxysoma delfini
Oxysoma itambezinho Anyphaenidae 225, f. 118E-I (Dm) Oxysoma itambezinho
Oxysoma longiventre Anyphaenidae 222, f. 115C-D, 116D-F, 119B-C, 120A-E, 121 (mf) Oxysoma longiventre
Oxysoma punctatum Anyphaenidae 215, f. 14A, 61F, 115A-B, 116A-C, 117A-D, 118A-D, 119A (f, Sm) Oxysoma punctatum
Oxysoma saccatum Anyphaenidae 225, f. 122A-B, 123A-B, 124A-H (Tmf from Gayenna) Oxysoma saccatum
Phidyle punctipes Anyphaenidae 244, f. 135B-D, 136, 137A-G (Tf from Oxysoma, Dm) Phidyle punctipes
Philisca amaena Anyphaenidae 187, f. 100B, 101A-B, 102A-B (m) Philisca amoena
Philisca gayi Anyphaenidae 178 (T from Gayenna) Philisca gayi
Philisca hahni Anyphaenidae 178, f. 93A-B, 94A-E, 95A-C, 96A (f, Dm, S) Philisca hahni
Philisca huapi Anyphaenidae 183, f. 61H, 93C-E, 99A-F (Dmf) Philisca huapi
Philisca hyadesi Anyphaenidae 186, f. 93F, 101E, 102D-E (m) Philisca hyadesi
Philisca ornata Anyphaenidae 181, f. 96B, 97A-D, 98A-F (mf) Philisca ornata
Philisca tripunctata Anyphaenidae 189, f. 100A, 102C (m) Philisca tripunctata
Sanogasta alticola Anyphaenidae 152, f. 80D-E, 81A-C (Dm, f, S of Gayenna monticola) Sanogasta alticola
Sanogasta approximata Anyphaenidae 172, f. 89-90, 91A-E (Dm, f, T from Gayenna, S of Tomopisthes kraepelini) Sanogasta approximata
Sanogasta backhauseni Anyphaenidae 162, f. 61D, 77F-G, 84C-D, 85A-E (Tmf from Tomopisthes) Sanogasta backhauseni
Sanogasta bonariensis Anyphaenidae 144 (Tf from Gayenna) Sanogasta bonariensis
Sanogasta gemella Anyphaenidae 144 (T from Gayenna, nomen dubium) Clubiona gemella
Sanogasta maculatipes Anyphaenidae 144, f. 61B, 76A, 77E, 78A-B, D-E, 79A, 80A-C, 81D-E (mf, T from Gayenna, S of Sanogasta intermedia) Sanogasta maculatipes
Sanogasta maculosa Anyphaenidae 154, f. 14B-D, 61C, 76B-D, 77A-D, 79B, 82A-D, 83A-K (mf, T from Gayenna, S of Clubiona sternalis, Gayenna affinis, G. dubia, G. ignota, G. skottsbergi, Tomopisthes conspersus, T. injucundus, T. modestus and T. taeniatus) Sanogasta maculosa
Sanogasta mandibularis Anyphaenidae 153, f. 78C, F-G, 80F-G, 81F-G (Dmf) Sanogasta mandibularis
Sanogasta minuta Anyphaenidae 167, f. 84A-B, 86A-D (Tmf from Gayenna) Sanogasta minuta
Sanogasta pampa Anyphaenidae 144 (T from Gayenna, nomen dubium) Anyphaena pampa
Sanogasta paucilineata Anyphaenidae 144 (Tm from Gayenna) Sanogasta paucilineata
Sanogasta pehuenche Anyphaenidae 175, f. 82A-D (Dmf) Sanogasta pehuenche
Sanogasta puma Anyphaenidae 168, f. 76E, 86E-H, 87A-B (Dmf) Sanogasta puma
Sanogasta rufithorax Anyphaenidae 144 (Tm from Gayenna) Sanogasta rufithorax
Sanogasta tenuis Anyphaenidae 170, f. 76F, 88A-G (Dmf) Sanogasta tenuis
Sanogasta x-signata Anyphaenidae 166, f. 61E, 84E-F, 85F-H (Tf from Gayenna, Dm) Sanogasta x-signata
Selknamia minima Anyphaenidae 105, f. 52A-D, 53A-F (Dmf) Selknamia minima
Tasata centralis Anyphaenidae 240, f. 133A-B, 134A-C (Dmf) Tasata centralis
Tasata frenata Anyphaenidae 230 (Tf from Tomopisthes) Tasata frenata
Tasata fuscotaeniata Anyphaenidae 230 (Tmf from Gayenna) Tasata fuscotaeniata
Tasata nova Anyphaenidae 230 (T from Oxysoma) Tasata nova
Tasata parcepunctata Anyphaenidae 230, f. 61G, 125B, 126A-D, 127A-C, 135A (f, Dm) Tasata parcepunctata
Tasata punctata Anyphaenidae 230 (Tf from Aysha) Tasata punctata
Tasata quinquenotata Anyphaenidae 230 (Tf from Oxysoma) Tasata quinquenotata
Tasata reticulata Anyphaenidae 230 (Tf from Gayenna) Tasata reticulata
Tasata taim Anyphaenidae 236, f. 130A-G (Dmf) Tasata taim
Tasata taperae Anyphaenidae 230 (Tf from Gayenna) Tasata taperae
Tasata tripunctata Anyphaenidae 230 (Tf from Gayenna) Tasata tripunctata
Tasata tullgreni Anyphaenidae 230 (Tf from Oxysoma) Tasata lineata
Tasata unipunctata Anyphaenidae 236, f. 129A-H (Tmf from Oxysoma) Tasata unipunctata
Tasata variolosa Anyphaenidae 233, f. 125A, 128A-G (f, Dm) Tasata variolosa
Tomopisthes aethiops Anyphaenidae 193 (nomen dubium) Tomopisthes aethiops
Tomopisthes horrendus Anyphaenidae 193, f. 104A, 105A-B, 106A-B, 107A-G (mf, S of Heterommides fuegianus, Nonianus argentinus, Philisca sica and Tomopisthes immanis) Tomopisthes horrendus
Tomopisthes limbatus Anyphaenidae 44 (nomen dubium) Clubiona limbata
Tomopisthes nubes Anyphaenidae 44 (nomen dubium) Clubiona nubes
Tomopisthes puconensis Anyphaenidae 191, f. 103A-E (Dmf) Philisca puconensis
Tomopisthes pusillus Anyphaenidae 206, f. 109, 110A-F, 111A, 112C (Dm, f, T from Clubiona, S of Gayenna chilensis) Tomopisthes pusillus
Tomopisthes varius Anyphaenidae 202, f. 104B, 105C-D, 108A-F (mf) Tomopisthes varius
Tomopisthes versicolor Anyphaenidae 44 (nomen dubium) Clubiona versicolor
Tupirinna albofasciata Corinnidae 230 (T from Tasata) Tupirinna albofasciata
Genus Family Page
Araiya Ramírez, 2003 Anyphaenidae 210
Aysenoides Ramírez, 2003 Anyphaenidae 67
Gamakia Ramírez, 2003 Anyphaenidae 91
Gayennoides Ramírez, 2003 Anyphaenidae 125
Negayan Ramírez, 2003 Anyphaenidae 96
Selknamia Ramírez, 2003 Anyphaenidae 105