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WesoĊ‚owska, W. (2003a). New data on African Heliophanus species with descriptions of new species (Araneae: Salticidae). Genus 14: 249-294. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Heliophanus aethiopicus Salticidae 250, f. 1-9 (Dmf) Heliophanus aethiopicus
Heliophanus anymphos Salticidae 253, f. 10-13 (Dm) Heliophanus anymphos
Heliophanus bolensis Salticidae 254, f. 14-20 (Dmf) Heliophanus bolensis
Heliophanus brevis Salticidae 256, f. 21-24 (Dm) Heliophanus brevis
Heliophanus cassinicola Salticidae 257, f. 25-29 (m) Heliophanus cassinicola
Heliophanus charlesi Salticidae 259, f. 30-35 (Dmf) Heliophanus charlesi
Heliophanus demonstrativus Salticidae 261, f. 36-42 (mf) Heliophanus demonstrativus
Heliophanus falcatus Salticidae 263 (S) Heliophanus falcatus
Heliophanus hastatus Salticidae 263, f. 43-48 (m, Df) Heliophanus hastatus
Heliophanus imperator Salticidae 265, f. 49-54 (m, Tf from H. gladiator) Heliophanus imperator
Heliophanus insperatus Salticidae 268, f. 55-61 (m, Df) Heliophanus insperatus
Heliophanus kovacsi Salticidae 268, f. 62-66 (Dm) Heliophanus kovacsi
Heliophanus leucopes Salticidae 270, f. 67-72 (Dm) Heliophanus leucopes
Heliophanus maralal Salticidae 272, f. 73-74 (Dm) Heliophanus maralal
Heliophanus megae Salticidae 274, f. 75-80 (Dm) Heliophanus megae
Heliophanus nanus Salticidae 274, f. 81-86 (Dmf) Heliophanus nanus
Heliophanus nobilis Salticidae 276, f. 87-90 (m) Heliophanus nobilis
Heliophanus papyri Salticidae 277, f. 91-96 (Dm) Heliophanus papyri
Heliophanus pauper Salticidae 279, f. 97-100 (m) Heliophanus pauper
Heliophanus pistaciae Salticidae 280, f. 101-107 (Dmf) Heliophanus pistaciae
Heliophanus proszynskii Salticidae 282, f. 108-113 (Dmf) Heliophanus proszynskii
Heliophanus rutrosus Salticidae 284, f. 114-121 (Dmf) Heliophanus rutrosus
Heliophanus sororius Salticidae 286, f. 122-126 (Dm) Heliophanus sororius
Heliophanus splendidus Salticidae 287, f. 127-132 (Dm) Heliophanus splendidus
Heliophanus trepidus Salticidae 290, f. 135-137 (m) Heliophanus trepidus
Heliophanus tristis Salticidae 289, f. 133-134 (Df) Heliophanus tristis
Heliophanus xanthopes Salticidae 291, f. 138-145 (Dmf) Heliophanus xanthopes
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