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Baehr, B. C. (2004b). The systematics of a new endemic Australian genus of ant spiders Masasteron (Araneae: Zodariidae). Invertebrate Systematics 18(6): 661-691. doi:10.1071/IS04010 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Masasteron barkly Zodariidae 665, f. 9E-F, 14G-H (Dmf) Masasteron barkly
Masasteron bennieae Zodariidae 666, f. 5A-B (Dm) Masasteron bennieae
Masasteron bipunctatum Zodariidae 667, f. 5C-D, 13C-D (Dmf) Masasteron bipunctatum
Masasteron burbidgei Zodariidae 668, f. 9A-B, 15E-F (Dmf) Masasteron burbidgei
Masasteron clifton Zodariidae 669, f. 6A-B, 12A-B (Dmf) Masasteron clifton
Masasteron complector Zodariidae 670, f. 11E-F, 15C-D (Dmf) Masasteron complector
Masasteron darwin Zodariidae 671, f. 10C-D (Dm) Masasteron darwin
Masasteron derby Zodariidae 672, f. 6C-D (Dm) Masasteron derby
Masasteron deserticola Zodariidae 672, f. 6E-F, 13E-F (Dmf) Masasteron deserticola
Masasteron gracilis Zodariidae 673, f. 10E-F (Dm) Masasteron gracilis
Masasteron haroldi Zodariidae 674, f. 9C-D (Dm) Masasteron haroldi
Masasteron mackenziei Zodariidae 675, f. 8C-D (Dm) Masasteron mackenziei
Masasteron maini Zodariidae 674, f. 7C-D (Dm) Masasteron maini
Masasteron mas Zodariidae 664, f. 4A-B, 12C-D (Tmf from Asteron) Masasteron mas
Masasteron ocellum Zodariidae 675, f. 5E-F, 13A-B (Dmf) Masasteron ocellum
Masasteron piankai Zodariidae 677, f. 1D-F, 2C-D, 11C-D, 15A-B (Dmf) Masasteron piankai
Masasteron queensland Zodariidae 679, f. 1A-C, 2A-B, 3A-D, 4C-D, 12E-F (Dmf) Masasteron queensland
Masasteron sampeyae Zodariidae 680, f. 8A-B, 14C-D (Dmf) Masasteron sampeyae
Masasteron tealei Zodariidae 682, f. 11A-B, 14E-F (Dmf) Masasteron tealei
Masasteron tuart Zodariidae 684, f. 7A-B, 14A-B (Dmf) Masasteron tuart
Masasteron utae Zodariidae 685, f. 10A-B (Dm) Masasteron utae
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Masasteron Baehr, 2004 Zodariidae 662