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Merrett, P. (2004b). Notes on the revision of British Lepthyphantes species. Newsletter of the British Arachnological Society 100: 20-21. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Agnyphantes expunctus Linyphiidae 21, f. 8 (m) Agnyphantes expunctus
Improphantes complicatus Linyphiidae 20, f. 3 (m) Improphantes complicatus
Lepthyphantes minutus Linyphiidae 20, f. 1 (m) Lepthyphantes minutus
Mughiphantes whymperi Linyphiidae 21, f. 6 (m) Mughiphantes whymperi
Obscuriphantes obscurus Linyphiidae 21, f. 9 (m) Obscuriphantes obscurus
Oryphantes angulatus Linyphiidae 21, f. 5 (m) Oryphantes angulatus
Palliduphantes pallidus Linyphiidae 21, f. 7 (m) Palliduphantes pallidus
Piniphantes pinicola Linyphiidae 21, f. 4 (m) Piniphantes pinicola
Tenuiphantes tenuis Linyphiidae 20, f. 2 (m) Tenuiphantes tenuis
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