Included taxa

Banks, N. (1894c). On the Lycosidae of Colorado. Journal of the New York Entomological Society 2: 49-52. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Allocosa parva Lycosidae 52 (Df) Trochosa parva
Alopecosa kochi Lycosidae 50 (Df) Lycosa brunneiventris
Hogna coloradensis Lycosidae 50 (Dm) Lycosa coloradensis
Hogna frondicola Lycosidae 50 Lycosa modesta
Pardosa coloradensis Lycosidae 51 (Df) Pardosa coloradensis
Pardosa concinna Lycosidae 51 Pardosa concinna
Pardosa dorsalis Lycosidae 51 (Df) Pardosa dorsalis
Pardosa sternalis Lycosidae 51 Pardosa sternalis
Pardosa uncata Lycosidae 51 Pardosa uncata
Pardosa wyuta Lycosidae 52 (Df) Pardosa atra
Tigrosa grandis Lycosidae 49 (Dm) Lycosa grandis
No genus found for this reference