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Pickard-Cambridge, O. (1895b). On new and rare British spiders found in 1893; with rectifications of synonyms. Proceedings of the Dorset Natural History and Antiquarian Field Club 15(for 1894): 103-116. [published on March 1, 1895, after Sykes, 1941] download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Haplodrassus signifer Gnaphosidae 104 (D) Drassus mysticus
Leptothrix hardyi Linyphiidae 108, f. 2 (Df, not m) Tmeticus carpenteri
Macrargus carpenteri Linyphiidae 108, f. 2 (Dm, not f) Tmeticus carpenteri
Scotina celans Liocranidae 107, pl. 2, f. 8 (f) Agroeca celans
Silometopus ambiguus Linyphiidae 112, f. 4 (misidentified per O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1905: 67) Cnephalocotes curtus
No genus found for this reference