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Corronca, J. A. (2005a). Re-description of the lycosiformis species group of Anyphops Benoit and description of two new species (Araneae, Selenopidae). Journal of Natural History 39(17): 1381-1393. doi:10.1080/00222930400008868 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Anyphops lawrencei Selenopidae 1384, f. 1a-f (mf) Anyphops lawrencei
Anyphops lucia Selenopidae 1386, f. 1g-i (Df) Anyphops lucia
Anyphops lycosiformis Selenopidae 1386, f. 2a-c (f) Anyphops lycosiformis
Anyphops mumai Selenopidae 1388, f. 2d-f (m) Anyphops mumai
Anyphops natalensis Selenopidae 1389, f. 2g-k (mf) Anyphops natalensis
Anyphops ngome Selenopidae 1389, f. 3a-e (Dmf) Anyphops ngome
Anyphops parvulus Selenopidae 1391, f. 3f-h (f) Anyphops parvulus
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