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Iberina microphthalma (Snazell & Duffey, 1980)

  • Rank: Species
  • Status: accepted
  • Described: m f
  • Last updated: 2022-05-06
  • LSID: []
  • Distribution: Britain, Switzerland, Germany, Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania
Type deposit provide information
  • Holotype: Institute of Speleology Emil Racovitza, Bucharest (ISERB), Romania; f (not available) (Růžička, 2022)
Taxonomic references
Hahnia microphthalma Snazell & Duffey, 1980: 50, f. 1-6 (Df).
Hahnia microphthalma Roberts, 1985: 168, f. 74h (f).
Hahnia microphthalma Heimer & Nentwig, 1991: 368, f. 957 (f).
Iberina caeca Georgescu & Sarbu, 1992: 139, f. 1-6 (Df) [].
Hahnia caeca Weiss & Sarbu, 1996: 164, f. 1-4 (Dm, T from Iberina).
Hahnia microphthalma Szita et al., 1998: 342, f. 1-2 (f).
Hahnia microphthalma Hänggi & Stäubli, 2012: 63, f. 3 (f).
Iberina microphthalma Ledoux, 2014: 34, f. 11A-E (f, T from Hahnia).
Hahnia candida Machač & Zedek, 2014: 317, f. 2A-B (f; misidentified per Růžička & Dolanský, 2018: 3).
Hahnia microphthalma Růžička & Dolanský, 2014: 5, f. 3a-b (f).
Hahnia microphthalma Růžička & Dolanský, 2016: 45, f. 3a-b (f).
Iberina microphthalma Mezőfi & Markó, 2018: 3, f. 4a-d (f).
Iberina microphthalma Růžička, 2022: 560, f. 3B, 4B, 5B (mf, S of Hahnia caeca).

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Nentwig, W., Blick, T., Bosmans, R., Gloor, D., Hänggi, A., Kropf, C.: Spiders of Europe. Version 05.2018. doi: 10.24436/1

Edit history
Date Type Reference Detail
2022-05-06 Species distribution update Růžička, 2022 n/a (Old value)
2022-05-06 New taxonomic reference entry Růžička, 2022 n/a
2022-05-06 Species synonymy Růžička, 2022 Iberina caeca synonymized with Iberina microphthalma
2022-01-08 Species distribution update Růžička, 2021 n/a (Old value)
2021-04-14 Taxonomic reference added from other taxon n/a (Old value)
2018-03-06 New taxonomic reference entry Mezőfi & Markó, 2018 n/a
2017-11-21 New taxonomic reference entry Růžička & Dolanský, 2014 n/a
2016-03-18 New taxonomic reference entry Růžička & Dolanský, 2016 n/a
2016-03-18 Species distribution update Růžička & Dolanský, 2016 n/a (Old value)
2015-01-14 New taxonomic reference entry Ledoux, 2014 n/a
2015-01-14 Species transferred to new genus Ledoux, 2014 Species transferred from Hahnia to Iberina