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Wubanoides uralensis (Pakhorukov, 1981)

  • Rank: Species (Genus type)
  • Status: accepted
  • Described: m f
  • Last updated: 2014-07-15
  • LSID: []
  • Distribution: Russia, Mongolia
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  • Paratype: Senckenberg Museum Frankfurt (SMF), Frankfurt / Main, Germany (data base search of type material, 11.01.2019); Wubanoides longicornis Eskov, 1986, 1 m, 1 f (32149-124); 2 m, 2 f (32150-124)
Taxonomic references
Mengea warburtoni Izmailova, 1978a: 11, f. a (f, misidentified per Eskov & Marusik, 1992b: 24).
Veles wagae Pakhorukov, 1981: 81, f. 27-32 (mf, misidentified per Eskov & Marusik, 1992b: 24).
Veles uralensis Pakhorukov, 1981: 82, f. 33-34 (Df).
Wubanoides longicornis Eskov, 1986c: 175, f. 1-9 (Dmf).
Wubanoides uralensis Eskov, 1986c: 179 (Tf from Veles).
Wubanoides longicornis Růžička et al., 1989: 27, f. 1A-G (mf).
Wubanoides uralensis Eskov & Marusik, 1992b: 24 (Sm).
Wubanoides uralensis Tanasevitch, 1996b: 126, f. 1, 7 (mf).
Wubanoides uralensis Schikora, 2001: 38, f. 1-3 (mf).
Wubanoides uralensis Schikora, 2004: 330, f. 1-4, 9-10 (mf).
Wubanoides uralensis Saaristo, 2007b: 34, f. 17-21 (mf).

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