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Modysticus modestus (Scheffer, 1904)

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  • Status: accepted
  • Described: m f
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  • Distribution: USA
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  • Holotype: Ohio State University Museum of Biological Diversity, Columbus, OH, USA; m of Oxyptila marshalli (Bradley, 2002)
Taxonomic references
Xysticus modestus Scheffer, 1904b: 257, pl. 17, f. 1 (Df).
Ozyptila modesta Banks, 1910: 49 (T from Xysticus).
Oxyptila beaufortensis Strand, 1916b: 124 (Dm).
Oxyptila marshalli Barrows, 1919b: 357, pl. 15, f. 2 (Dm).
Ozyptila marshalli Bryant, 1930b: 382, f. 8, 10 (m).
Ozyptila modesta Bryant, 1930b: 383, f. 20 (f, not m).
Ozyptila modesta Gertsch, 1939b: 340, f. 104-105, 127-128 (f, Dm).
Oxyptila modesta Gertsch, 1953: 464, f. 82 (mf).
Oxyptila modesta Levi & Field, 1954: 461, f. 82, 90 (mf).
Ozyptila modesta Dondale & Redner, 1975a: 142, f. 7-8, 50-52 (mf).
Modysticus modestus Marusik, Lehtinen & Kovblyuk, 2005: 153 (T from Ozyptila).

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