Family: Clubionidae Wagner, 1887 []
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N.B.: genera listed by Roewer under the subfamilies Anyphaeninae, Corinninae, Liocraninae, and Micariinae have been apportioned to the Anyphaenidae, Corinnidae, Gnaphosidae, Liocranidae, and Miturgidae.
Status: accepted
Last updated: 2022-07-11
Described in
Wagner, 1887: 104
Number of valid genera: 19
Number of valid species: 662

Wagner, W. A. (1887). Copulationsorgane des Männchens als Criterium für die Systematik der Spinnen. Horae Societatis Entomologicae Rossicae 22: 3-132, pl. 1-10. download pdf

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