Family: Idiopidae Simon,1889 [] Back

Gen. Cataxia Rainbow , 1914 [ ]
N.B.: transferred from the Ctenizidae to the Idiopidae and considered a senior synonym of Homogona Rainbow, 1914 (transferred from the Migidae to the Ctenizidae by Main, 1983a: 82) and Neohomogona Main, 1985a: 42, type N. bolganupensis Main, 1985 by Raven, 1985a: 154, 175; rejected by Main, 1993a: 600, but confirmed again by Rix et al., 2017: 623.
Status: accepted
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Rainbow, 1914a: 222 (type Cataxia maculata Rainbow, 1914)
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Rainbow, W. J. (1914a). Studies in the Australian Araneidae. No. 6. The Terretelariae. Records of the Australian Museum 10: 187-270. download pdf

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