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Gen. Trochosa C. L. Koch , 1847 [ ]
N.B.: considered a senior synonym of Trochosina Simon, 1885 by Engelhardt, 1964: 227, of Trochosomma Roewer, 1960b: 851, type Trochosa annulipes L. Koch, 1875 by McKay, 1979e: 277 (cf. Guy, 1966), of Metatrochosina Roewer, 1960d: 931, type Tarentula vulvella Strand, 1907 (considered a subgenus of Lycorma Simon, 1885 by Guy, 1966: 64; see note under Paratrochosina) by Tanaka, 1988c: 110, through transfer of type species, following Yaginuma, 1970d, Yaginuma, 1977c, and of Piratosa Roewer, 1960d: 913, type Trochosa dybowskii Kulczyński, 1885 [] (earlier usage in Roewer, 1955c: 6, 1717 is a nomen nudum proposed as a replacement for Piratessa Roewer, 1955c: 286, a nomen nudum; considered a subgenus of Arctosa C. L. Koch, 1847 by Guy, 1966: 63) by Marusik, Omelko & Koponen, 2010: 35; not a senior synonym of Varacosa Chamberlin & Ivie, 1942 (Jiménez & Dondale, 1988: 172, contra Brady, 1980: 168) but includes all species listed by Roewer under that name (except for V. avara, V. gosiuta, V. parthenus and V. shenandoa); not a senior synonym of Allotrochosina Roewer, 1960 (Vink, 2001, contra McKay, 1979e: 277) or of Diahogna Roewer, 1960 (Framenau, 2006a: 275, contra McKay, 1979e: 277); see note under Trochosula.
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C. L. Koch, 1847: v. 14: 95
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1nomen dubium

Koch, C. L. (1847). Die Arachniden. J. L. Lotzbeck, Nürnberg, Vierzehnter Band, pp. 89-210, pl. 481-504 (f. 1343-1412); Fünfzehnter Band, pp. 1-136, pl. 505-540 (f. 1413-1504); Sechszehnter und letzter Band, pp. 1-80, pl. 541-563 (f. 1505-1550), Index 64 pp. [for the correct year of publication see Brignoli, 1985b] doi:10.5962/bhl.title.43744 download pdf download pdf download pdf

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