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Gen. Theridion Walckenaer , 1805 [ ]
N.B.: This spelling (rather than the invalid emendations Theridium Leach, 1824 and Theridio Simon, 1864), with type species T. pictum (Walckenaer, 1802), on Official List of Generic Names in Zoology; see also Opinion 517 (ICZN, 1958) – also for the type species. Considered a senior synonym of Allotheridion Archer, 1946: 41, type T. murarium Emerton, 1882 (described as a subgenus of T. but elevated to genus by Archer, 1950: 18) by Levi, 1957a: 19, of Phaetoticus Simon, 1894 by Levi & Levi, 1962: 26, of Billima Simon, 1908 (transferred from the Theridiosomatidae) by Levi, 1967d: 340, and of Liger O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1896 by Miller, 2007a: 247 (contra Levi & Levi, 1962: 301, who placed that genus in the Linyphiidae); subgenera Cryptachaea Archer, 1946 and Parasteatoda Archer, 1946 now considered valid genera, subgenus Tholocco Archer, 1946 belongs to Thymoites Keyserling, 1884; not a senior synonym of Coleosoma O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1882 (Bryant, 1944: 51), Anelosimus Simon, 1891 (Levi, 1956b: 412), Chrysso O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1882 (Levi, 1957c: 59), Phyllonethis Thorell, 1869, Sudabe Karsch, 1879, Faitidus Keyserling, 1884 or Hubba O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1897 (Levi & Levi, 1962: 21-29), of Nesticodes Archer, 1950, Paidiscura Archer, 1950, or Rugathodes Archer, 1950 (Wunderlich, 1987a: 213), or of Wamba O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1896 (removed from S of Crustulina Menge, 1868 by Levi, 1959b: 112), Allodipoena Bryant, 1947 or Chindellum Archer, 1950 (Wunderlich, 1995n: 611, contra Levi, 1957a: 19); for a rejected transfer of T. virgulatum Nicolet, 1849, see Lycosa fernandezi; see note under Neottiura.
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Walckenaer, 1805
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5nomen nudum
51nomen dubium
6homonym replaced

Walckenaer, C. A. (1805). Tableau des aranéides ou caractères essentiels des tribus, genres, familles et races que renferme le genre Aranea de Linné, avec la désignation des espèces comprises dans chacune de ces divisions. Paris, 88 pp. download pdf

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