Family: Thomisidae Sundevall,1833 [] Back

Gen. Xysticus C. L. Koch , 1835 [ ]
N.B.: considered a senior synonym of Psammitis Menge, 1868 by Ono, 1988c: 78, contra Ono, 1978b: 285-286 and especially Wunderlich, 1987a: 253, who placed the subgenus Proxysticus Dalmas, 1922 (treated as a genus by some authors, e.g., Jézéquel, 1964c) as a junior synonym of Psammitis Menge, 1868 and considered the latter a separate genus; Wunderlich's (1992a: 495) resurrection of Proxysticus is not followed by Wunderlich, 1995F or here (see also Lehtinen, 2002: 320, 322 and Jantscher, 2002: 331).
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C. L. Koch, 1835
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2nomen nudum
10nomen dubium
4homonym replaced

Koch, C. L. (1835). Arachniden. In: Herrich-Schäffer, G. A. W. (ed.) Deutschlands Insecten., Heft 128-133. download pdf

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