Family: Phrurolithidae Banks,1892 [] Back

Gen. Scotinella Banks , 1911 [ ]
N.B.: transferred from the Liocranidae to the Corinnidae by Bosselaers & Jocqué, 2002: 265, here by Ramírez, 2014: 343; not a junior synonym of Phrurolithus C. L. Koch, 1839 (Kaston, 1972a, and more recent authors, contra Lehtinen, 1967: 263); see note under Phruronellus.
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Banks, 1911
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Banks, N. (1911). Some Arachnida from North Carolina. Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia 63: 440-456. download pdf

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2014-07-25 Genus transferred to other family Ramírez, 2014 Scotinella Banks, 1911 transferred to Phrurolithidae