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Dupérré, N., Paquin, P. & Buckle, D. J. (2006). Have you seen my mate? Descriptions of unknown sexes of some North American species of Linyphiidae and Theridiidae (Araneae). Journal of Arachnology 34(1): 142-158. [N.B.: first author's name spelled incorrectly as Dupéré, in both title and Contents] doi:10.1636/H04-4.1 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Centromerus furcatus Linyphiidae 143, f. 1-3 (Df) Centromerus furcatus
Cheniseo sphagnicultor Linyphiidae 144, f. 4-5 (Df) Cheniseo sphagnicultor
Coloncus siou Linyphiidae 144, f. 6-8 (Dm) Coloncus siou
Dismodicus alticeps Linyphiidae 146, f. 9-10 (Df) Dismodicus alticeps
Floricomus praedesignatus Linyphiidae 147, f. 11-12 (Df) Floricomus praedesignatus
Glyphesis idahoanus Linyphiidae 149, f. 13-14 (Tf from Tapinocyba, Dm) Glyphesis idahoanus
Glyphesis scopulifer Linyphiidae 149 (Tmf from Tapinocyba) Glyphesis scopulifer
Gnathonaroides pedalis Linyphiidae 149, f. 15-16 (Df) Gnathonaroides pedalis
Lepthyphantes intricatus Linyphiidae 150, f. 17-19 (Df) Lepthyphantes intricatus
Robertus crosbyi Theridiidae 155, f. 27-28 (Dm) Robertus crosbyi
Scyletria inflata Linyphiidae 152, f. 20-21 (Df) Scyletria inflata
Sisicus penifusifer Linyphiidae 152, f. 22-23 (Df) Sisicus penifusifer
Thymoites minnesota Theridiidae 155, f. 29-30 (Df) Thymoites minnesota
Walckenaeria clavipalpis Linyphiidae 154, f. 24-26 (Dm) Walckenaeria clavipalpis
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