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Lepthyphantes intricatus (Emerton, 1911)

  • Rank: Species
  • Status: accepted
  • Described: m f
  • Last updated: 2022-10-31
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  • Distribution: USA, Canada
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Taxonomic references
Microneta complicata Banks, 1892a: 47, pl. 2, f. 50 (Dm; preoccupied in Lepthyphantes by Emerton, 1882, see Improphantes complicatus) [].
Bathyphantes intricata Emerton, 1911: 397, pl. 3, f. 7 (Dm).
Microneta complicata Banks, 1916: 77, pl. 10, f. 14 (m).
Microneta complicata Levi & Field, 1954: 446, f. 22-23 (m; not f = Centromerus cornupalpis).
Lepthyphantes intricatus Ivie, 1969: 6 (T from Bathyphantes).
Lepthyphantes intricatus van Helsdingen, 1973c: 7 (S of Microneta complicata Banks, 1892, but that name is preoccupied in Lepthyphantes).
Lepthyphantes intricatus Paquin & Dupérré, 2003: 141, f. 1559-1561 (m, fig. f).
Lepthyphantes intricatus Dupérré, Paquin & Buckle, 2006: 150, f. 17-19 (Df).

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