Included taxa

Saaristo, M. I. (2006). Theridiid or cobweb spiders of the granitic Seychelles islands (Araneae, Theridiidae). Phelsuma 14: 49-89. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Anelosimus placens Theridiidae 74, f. 67-76 (Tmf from Anelosimus) Selimus placens
Argyrodella pusillus Theridiidae 54 (Tmf from Argyrodes) Argyrodella pusillus
Bardala labarda Theridiidae 56, f. 13-18 (Tmf from Achaearanea) Bardala labarda
Coleosoma blandum Theridiidae 59, f. 19-25 (mf) Coleosoma blandum
Coleosoma floridanum Theridiidae 60, f. 26-33 (mf) Coleosoma floridanum
Kochiura aulica Theridiidae 64, f. 43-44 (mf) Kochiura aulica
Moneta coercervea Theridiidae 65, f. 45-47 (Tmf from Episinus, lapsus) Moneta coercervus
Nanume naneum Theridiidae 65, f. 48-50 (Tmf from Theridion) Nanume naneum
Nesticodes rufipes Theridiidae 67, f. 51-54 (mf) Nesticodes rufipes
Nihonhimea mundula Theridiidae 69, f. 55-59 (Tmf from Achaearanea) Parasteatoda mundula
Parasteatoda tepidariorum Theridiidae 70, f. 60-63 (Tmf from Achaearanea) Parasteatoda tepidariorum
Phycosoma martinae Theridiidae 52, f. 1-4 (mf) Phycosoma martinae
Phycosoma spundana Theridiidae 54, f. 5-12 (Tm from Dipoena, Df) Phycosoma spundana
Platnickina mneon Theridiidae 62, f. 34-42 (mf) Keijia mneon
Rhomphaea barycephala Theridiidae 56 (Tmf from Argyrodes) Rhomphaea barycephalus
Rhomphaea recurvata Theridiidae 56 (Tmf from Argyrodes) Rhomphaea recurvatus
Sesato setosa Theridiidae 76, f. 77-80 (Dmf) Sesato setosa
Seycellesa braueri Theridiidae 72, f. 64-66 (Tmf from Theridion) Robertia braueri
Spinembolia clabnum Theridiidae 79, f. 81-86 (Tf from Theridion, Dm) Spinembolia clabnum
Stoda libudum Theridiidae 80, f. 87-92 (Dm, f, T from Theridion) Stoda libudum
Theridion melanostictum Theridiidae 82, f. 93-96 (mf) Theridion melanostictum
Theridula gonygaster Theridiidae 85, f. 97-99 (mf) Theridula gonygaster
Genus Family Page
Argyrodella Saaristo, 2006 Theridiidae 54
Bardala Saaristo, 2006 Theridiidae 56
Nanume Saaristo, 2006 Theridiidae 65
Sesato Saaristo, 2006 Theridiidae 76
Spinembolia Saaristo, 2006 Theridiidae 79
Stoda Saaristo, 2006 Theridiidae 80