Included taxa

Borges, P. A. V. & Wunderlich, J. (2008). Spider biodiversity patterns and their conservation in the Azorean archipelago, with descriptions of new species. Systematics and Biodiversity 6: 249-282. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Acorigone acoreensis Linyphiidae 260, f. 11a-b (Tm from Diplocentria, Df) Acorigone acoreensis
Acorigone zebraneus Linyphiidae 258, f. 10a-j (Dmf) Acorigone zebraneus
Agyneta depigmentata Linyphiidae 256, f. 6a-d (Dmf) Agyneta depigmentata
Agyneta rugosa Linyphiidae 257, f. 7a-b (m) Agyneta rugosa
Altella lucida Dictynidae 262, f. 14 Argenna lucida
Cheiracanthium floresense Cheiracanthiidae 262, f. 15a-g (Dmf) Cheiracanthium floresense
Cheiracanthium jorgeense Cheiracanthiidae 264, f. 16a-b (Dm) Cheiracanthium jorgeense
Cheiracanthium seidlitzi Cheiracanthiidae 264, f. 17a-b (f) Cheiracanthium seidlitzi
Leptodrassus albidus Gnaphosidae 264, f. 18a-d (f) Leptodrassus albidus
Minicia floresensis Linyphiidae 260, f. 12a-e (m, S) Minicia floresensis
Neon acoreensis Salticidae 265, f. 19a-d (Dmf) Neon acoreensis
Orchestina furcillata Oonopidae 253, f. 2a-d (Dm) Orchestina furcillata
Palliduphantes schmitzi Linyphiidae 257, f. 8a-c (f) Lepthyphantes schmitzi
Porrhomma borgesi Linyphiidae 254, f. 3a-f (Dmf) Porrhomma borgesi
Turinyphia cavernicola Linyphiidae 255, f. 4a-d (Dm) Turinyphia cavernicola
Turinyphia maderiana Linyphiidae 255, f. 5 (m) Turinyphia maderiana
Walckenaeria grandis Linyphiidae 261, f. 13a-d (Tf from Savigniorrhipis, Dm) Walckenaeria grandis
Genus Family Page
Acorigone Wunderlich, 2008 Linyphiidae 258