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Řezáč, M., Král, J. & Pekár, S. (2008). The spider genus Dysdera (Araneae, Dysderidae) in Central Europe: revision and natural history. Journal of Arachnology 35(3): 432-462. doi:10.1636/H06-38.1 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Dysdera adriatica Dysderidae 451, f. 31-34 (mf) Dysdera adriatica
Dysdera crocata Dysderidae 434, f. 1-4 (mf, S) Dysdera crocata
Dysdera dubrovninnii Dysderidae 443, f. 13-16, 25 (mf) Dysdera dubrovninnii
Dysdera hungarica Dysderidae 445, f. 27-30 (mf) Dysdera hungarica
Dysdera lata Dysderidae 453, f. 39-42 (mf) Dysdera taurica
Dysdera longirostris Dysderidae 452, f. 35-38 (mf) Dysdera longirostris
Dysdera maurusia Dysderidae 439, f. 5-8 (removed mf from S of D. crocata, S of Dysdera hamulata) Dysdera maurusia
Dysdera ninnii Dysderidae 441, f. 9-12, 24 (mf; N.B.: see note under Harpactea hombergi) Dysdera ninnii
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