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Wunderlich, J. (2008b). On extant and fossil (Eocene) European comb-footed spiders (Araneae: Theridiidae), with notes on their subfamilies, and with descriptions of new taxa. Beitr├Ąge zur Araneologie 5: 140-469, 792-794, 796-800, 803, 819-859. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Achaeridion conigerum Theridiidae 384, f. 485-490 (mf) Achaeridion conigerum
Anatolidion gentile Theridiidae 385, f. 491-495 (Dm) [] Anatolidion osmani
Anelosimus pulchellus Theridiidae 362 (Tmf from Anelosimus) Selimus pulchellus
Anelosimus vittatus Theridiidae 362, f. 450-452, 452a (Tmf from Anelosimus) Selimus vittatus
Asagena americana Theridiidae 199, f. 35 (Tmf from Steatoda) Asagena americana
Asagena brignolii Theridiidae 199 (Tf from Steatoda) Asagena brignolii
Asagena fulva Theridiidae 199 (Tmf from Steatoda) Asagena fulva
Asagena italica Theridiidae 199 (Tmf from Steatoda) Asagena italica
Asagena medialis Theridiidae 199 (Tmf from Steatoda) Asagena medialis
Asagena meridionalis Theridiidae 199 (Tmf from Steatoda) Asagena meridionalis
Asagena phalerata Theridiidae 199, f. 32-34 (m) Asagena phalerata
Asagena pulcher Theridiidae 199 (Tmf from Steatoda) Asagena pulcher
Canalidion montanum Theridiidae 387, f. 609-613 (mf) Canalidion montanum
Chrysso nordica Theridiidae 386, f. 496-500 (mf) Arctachaea nordica
Coleosoma floridanum Theridiidae 387, f. 501-505 (mf) Coleosoma floridanum
Coscinida asiatica Theridiidae 281, f. 326a-d (m) Coscinida asiatica
Coscinida tibialis Theridiidae 281, f. 327-332 (mf) Coscinida tibialis
Craspedisia longioembolia Theridiidae 200, f. 37 (m) Craspedisia longioembolia
Crustulina guttata Theridiidae 200, f. 38-41 (m) Crustulina guttata
Echinotheridion gibberosum Theridiidae 388, f. 506-508 (f) Echinotheridion gibberosum
Enoplognatha ovata Theridiidae 241, f. 150a (m) Enoplognatha ovata
Episinus truncatus Theridiidae 316, f. 334 (m) Episinus truncatus
Helvidia scabricula Theridiidae 201, f. 42-45 (m) Helvidia scabricula
Heterotheridion nigrovariegatum Theridiidae 389, f. 510-516 (mf) Heterotheridion nigrovariegatum
Janula parva Theridiidae 340, f. 391-394 (Dm) Monetoculus parvus
Kochiura aulica Theridiidae 363, f. 363, f. 453 (m) Kochiura aulica
Latrodectus rhodesiensis Theridiidae 201, f. 46 (m) Latrodectus rhodesiensis
Macaridion barreti Theridiidae 390, f. 527-531 (mf) Macaridion barretti
Magnopholcomma globulus Theridiidae 270, f. 212-220 (Dm) Magnopholcomma globulus
Moneta mirabilis Theridiidae 319, f. 382a-b (m) Moneta mirabilis
Neottiura uncinata Theridiidae 390, f. 532-533 (m) Neottiura uncinata
Nesticodes rufipes Theridiidae 391, f. 534-438 (mf) Nesticodes rufipes
Ohlertidion lundbecki Theridiidae 392 (Tmf from Theridion, elevated to species) Ohlertidion lundbecki
Ohlertidion ohlerti Theridiidae 392, f. 539-546 (mf) Ohlertidion ohlerti
Ohlertidion thaleri Theridiidae 392 (Tmf from Theridion) Ohlertidion thaleri
Paidiscura dromedaria Theridiidae 392, f. 551-552 (m) Paidiscura dromedaria
Paidiscura pallens Theridiidae 392, f. 547-550 (m) Paidiscura pallens
Phoroncidia paradoxa Theridiidae 273, f. 222-225 (m) Ulesanis paradoxa
Phylloneta impressa Theridiidae 393, f. 554-557 (m) Phylloneta impressa
Phylloneta pictipes Theridiidae 393 Phylloneta pictipes
Phylloneta sisyphia Theridiidae 393, f. 558-562 (m) Phylloneta sisyphia
Platnickina nigropunctata Theridiidae 389, f. 522-526 (Tmf from Theridion) Keijia nigropunctata
Platnickina tincta Theridiidae 389, f. 517-521 (m) Keijia tincta
Pycnoepisinus kilimandjaroensis Theridiidae 342, f. 383-390 (Dm) Pycnoepisinus kilimandjaroensis
Rugathodes acoreensis Theridiidae 394, f. 565-568 (mf) Rugathodes acoreensis
Rugathodes pico Theridiidae 394, f. 569 (m) Rugathodes pico
Sardinidion blackwalli Theridiidae 394, f. 570-578 (Tmf from Theridion, S) Sardinidion blackwalli
Simitidion lacuna Theridiidae 395, f. 588 (m) Simitidion lacuna
Simitidion simile Theridiidae 395, f. 579-587 (mf) Simitidion simile
Steatoda albomaculata Theridiidae 204, f. 55-58 (m) Steatoda albomaculata
Steatoda bipunctata Theridiidae 205, f. 51-54 (m) Steatoda bipunctata
Steatoda cingulata Theridiidae 203, f. 49 (m) Steatoda cingulata
Steatoda grossa Theridiidae 203, f. 48 (m) Steatoda grossa
Theridion genistae Theridiidae 392 (Tmf from Theridion) Paidiscura genistae
Theridion hemerobium Theridiidae 396, f. 597 (m) Theridion hemerobium
Theridion pinicola Theridiidae 392 (Tmf from Theridion) Paidiscura pinicola
Theridula gonygaster Theridiidae 397, f. 598-603 (mf) Theridula gonygaster
Thymoites bellissimus Theridiidae 398, f. 604-608 (mf) Thymoites bellissimus
Yaginumena mutilata Theridiidae 284, f. 239-240 (m) Lasaeola mutilata
Yunohamella palmgreni Theridiidae 396, f. 589-593 (mf, may belong to Takayus) Theridion palmgreni
Genus Family Page
Achaeridion Wunderlich, 2008 Theridiidae 384
Anatolidion Wunderlich, 2008 Theridiidae 384
Canalidion Wunderlich, 2008 Theridiidae 387
Heterotheridion Wunderlich, 2008 Theridiidae 388
Magnopholcomma Wunderlich, 2008 Theridiidae 269
Ohlertidion Wunderlich, 2008 Theridiidae 391
Pycnoepisinus Wunderlich, 2008 Theridiidae 341