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Wunderlich, J. (2008f). Identification key to the European genera of the jumping spiders (Araneae: Salticidae). Beitr├Ąge zur Araneologie 5: 698-719, 868. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Aelurillus v-insignitus Salticidae 712, f. 10a-b (m) Aelurillus v-insignitus
Attulus floricola Salticidae 717, f. 49-50 (m) Sitticus floricola
Carrhotus xanthogramma Salticidae 713, f. 13-14 (mf) Carrhotus xanthogramma
Cyrba algerina Salticidae 713, f. 16-17, 17a (mf) Cyrba algerina
Evarcha insularis Salticidae 719, f. 58-59 (mf) "Hyllus" insularis
Hasarius adansoni Salticidae 714, f. 25-26, 26a (mf) Hasarius adansoni
Macaroeris nidicolens Salticidae 715, f. 31-32 (mf) Macaroeris nidicolens
Menemerus taeniatus Salticidae 715, f. 35-36, 36a (mf) Menemerus falsificus
Neon reticulatus Salticidae 714, f. 21 (m) Neon reticulatus
Phidippus audax Salticidae 719, f. 60-62 (mf) Phidippus audax
Phintella castriesiana Salticidae 716, f. 37-38 (mf) Phintella castriesiana
Phlegra fasciata Salticidae 716, f. 39-41 (m) Phlegra fasciata
Plexippoides gestroi Salticidae 716, f. 42-44 (mf) Plexippoides gestroi
Plexippus paykulli Salticidae 717, f. 45-46 (mf) Plexippus paykulli
Thyene imperialis Salticidae 718, f. 51-54 (mf) Thyene imperialis
Yllenus arenarius Salticidae 718, f. 55-57 (mf) Yllenus arenarius
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