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Uhl, G., Nessler, S. H. & Schneider, J. M. (2010). Securing paternity in spiders? A review on occurrence and effects of mating plugs and male genital mutilation. Genetica 138: 75-104. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Argiope aurantia Araneidae 77, f. 1B (f) Argiope aurantia
Argiope bruennichi Araneidae 77, f. 1A (f) Argiope bruennichi
Argiope lobata Araneidae 77, f. 1C (f) Argiope lobata
Argyrodes fissifrontellus Theridiidae 77, f. 1G-H (f) Argyrodes fissifrontellus
Oedothorax retusus Linyphiidae 77, f. 1E-F (f) Oedothorax retusus
Trichonephila fenestrata Araneidae 77, f. 1D (f) Nephila fenestrata
No genus found for this reference