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Wang, X. P. & J├Ąger, P. (2010). A review of Coelotinae epigynal teeth morphology, with descriptions of two species from China (Araneae: Amaurobiidae). Journal of Natural History 44(19-20): 1165-1187. doi:10.1080/00222931003632708 download pdf


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Bifidocoelotes primus Agelenidae 1170, f. 1A (f) Bifidocoelotes primus
Coelotes alpinus Agelenidae 1176, f. 2D (f) Coelotes alpinus
Coelotes brachiatus Agelenidae 1170, f. 1D (f) Coelotes brachiatus
Coelotes guttatus Agelenidae 1176, f. 2G (f) Coelotes guttatus
Coelotes rugosus Agelenidae 1176, f. 2H (f) Coelotes rugosus
Coelotes wangi Agelenidae 1170, f. 1C (f) Coelotes wangi
Draconarius adligansus Agelenidae 1176, f. 2F (f) Draconarius adligansus
Draconarius episomos Agelenidae 1176, f. 2C (f) Draconarius episomos
Draconarius immensus Agelenidae 1182, f. 6A-D, 7A-E, 8A-J (mf) Draconarius immensus
Draconarius postremus Agelenidae 1176, f. 2I (f) Draconarius postremus
Draconarius wrasei Agelenidae 1180, f. 3A-B, 4A-B, 5A-E (Df) Draconarius wrasei
Inermocoelotes jurinitschi Agelenidae 1170, f. 1F (f) Eurocoelotes jurinitschi
Iwogumoa ensifer Agelenidae 1176, f. 2B (f) Iwogumoa ensifer
Lineacoelotes longicephalus Agelenidae 1170, f. 1H (f) Lineacoelotes longicephalus
Pireneitega spinivulva Agelenidae 1170, f. 1E (f) Pireneitega spinivulva
Sinocoelotes pseudoterrestris Agelenidae 1176, f. 2E (f) Coelotes pseudoterrestris
Tegecoelotes ignotus Agelenidae 1170, f. 1I (f) Tegecoelotes ignotus
Tonsilla tautispina Agelenidae 1176, f. 2A (f) Tonsilla tautispina
Tonsilla truculenta Agelenidae 1170, f. 1G (f) Tonsilla truculenta
Wadotes dixiensis Agelenidae 1170, f. 1B (f) Wadotes dixiensis
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