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Tegecoelotes ignotus (Bösenberg & Strand, 1906)

  • Rank: Species
  • Status: accepted
  • Described: m f
  • Last updated: 2021-07-08
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  • Distribution: Japan
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  • Holotype: Senckenberg Museum, Frankfurt am Main (SMF), Germany (data base search of type material, 11.01.2019); Tegenaria muscicapa Bösenberg & Strand, 1906, 1 m (4820-135)
  • Syntype: Senckenberg Museum, Frankfurt am Main (SMF), Germany (data base search of type material, 11.01.2019); Agelena ignota Bösenberg & Strand, 1906, 2 f (4697-135)
Taxonomic references
Agelena ignota Bösenberg & Strand, 1906: 299, pl. 16, f. 466 (Df).
Tegenaria muscicapa Bösenberg & Strand, 1906: 302, pl. 16, f. 479 (Dm).
Agelena ignota Ishinoda, 1957: 12, f. 3 (f).
Coelotes ignotus Lehtinen, 1967: 224 (Tf from Agelena).
Coelotes exitialis Lehtinen, 1967: 224 (T from Tegenaria, S, rejected).
Coelotes ignotus Nishikawa, 1974: 178, f. 33 (f).
Tegecoelotes ignotus Wang, 2002: 134 (Tf from Coelotes).
Tegecoelotes muscicapa Wang, 2002: 134 (removed m from S, T from Coelotes).
Tegecoelotes ignotus Wang, 2003: 568, f. 83A-B (f).
Tegecoelotes muscicapus Wang, 2003: 568, f. 84A-C (m).
Tegecoelotes ignotus Okumura & Ono, 2006: 55, f. 9-15 (f, Sm).
Tegecoelotes ignotus Okumura et al., 2009: 178, f. 24-30 (mf).
Tegecoelotes ignotus Wang & Jäger, 2010: 1170, f. 1I (f).
Tegecoelotes ignotus Okumura, 2021: 64, f. 13.1-15, 14.1-26 (mf).

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