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Edwards, G. B. (2015). Freyinae, a major new subfamily of Neotropical jumping spiders (Araneae: Salticidae). Zootaxa 4036(1): 1-87. doi:10.11646/zootaxa.4036.1.1 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Agorius lindu Salticidae 79, f. 39C-D (m) Agorius lindu
Akela charlottae Salticidae 17, f. 1A-I (mf) Akela charlottae
Akela ruricola Salticidae 17, f. 2A-J (mf) Akela ruricola
Aphirape ancilla Salticidae 20, f. 37A-D (mf) Aphirape ancilla
Aphirape flexa Salticidae 20, f. 3A-I (mf) Aphirape flexa
Aphirape riparia Salticidae 20, f. 38A-D (mf) Aphirape riparia
Asaracus megacephalus Salticidae 23, f. 4A-J (m, Df) Asaracus megacephalus
Bavia sexpunctata Salticidae 79, f. 39G-H (m) Bavia sexpunctata
Capidava auriculata Salticidae 25, f. 37E-F (m) Capidava auriculata
Capidava biuncata Salticidae 25, f. 5A-J (m, Df) Capidava biuncata
Chira spinosa Salticidae 26, f. 6A-K (mf) Chira spinosa
Chira trivittata Salticidae 26, f. 7A-L (mf) Chira trivittata
Drizztius geminensis Salticidae 29, f. 8A-N (Dmf) Drizztius geminensis
Drizztius rufithorax Salticidae 29, f. 8O-Q (Tf from Capidava) Drizztius rufithorax
Edilemma foraminifera Salticidae 31, f. 9A-F (mf) Edilemma foraminifera
Eustiromastix falcatus Salticidae 33, f. 38I-L (mf) Eustiromastix falcatus
Eustiromastix frontalis Salticidae 33, f. 10K-M (Tmf from Freya) Eustiromastix frontalis
Eustiromastix macropalpus Salticidae 33, f. 10A-J (mf) Eustiromastix macropalpus
Eustiromastix obscurus Salticidae 33, f. 37G-H (m) Eustiromastix obscurus
Eustiromastix spinipes Salticidae 33, f. 11A-K (m, Df, T from Chira) Eustiromastix spinipes
Freya decorata Salticidae 36, f. 12A-K (mf) Freya decorata
Freya regia Salticidae 36, f. 38E-H (mf) Freya regia
Frigga coronigera Salticidae 39, f. 13A-G (mf) Frigga coronigera
Frigga kessleri Salticidae 39, f. 14I-M (mf) Frigga kessleri
Frigga pratensis Salticidae 39, f. 14A-H (mf) Frigga pratensis
Hypaeus benignus Salticidae 79, f. 39A-B (m) Hypaeus benignus
Kalcerrytus excultus Salticidae 41, f. 15A-C (m) Kalcerrytus excultus
Kalcerrytus merretti Salticidae 41, f. 15D-L (mf) Kalcerrytus merretti
Leptofreya ambigua Salticidae 43, f. 16A-G (mf, T from Freya) Leptofreya ambigua
Leptofreya bifurcata Salticidae 43, f. 16H, 17A-K (Tm from Freya, Sf) Leptofreya bifurcata
Leptofreya laticava Salticidae 43 (Tf from Phiale) Leptofreya laticava
Leptofreya longispina Salticidae 43 (Tm from Freya) Leptofreya longispina
Lyssomanes viridis Salticidae 80, f. 40A-B (m) Lyssomanes viridis
Megafreya sutrix Salticidae 45, f. 18A-F (mf, T from Euophrys, S of Hasarius mccooki) Megafreya sutrix
Myrmarachne bakeri Salticidae 79, f. 39K-L (m) Myrmarachne bakeri
Neon nelli Salticidae 79, f. 39I-J (m) Neon nelli
Nycerella decorata Salticidae 47, f. 19A-B, 37K-P (mf) Nycerella decorata
Nycerella neglecta Salticidae 47, f. 19C-M (mf; N.B.: Panamanian females may belong to N. donaldi) Nycerella neglecta
Nycerella sanguinea Salticidae 47, f. 20A-N, 28F (m, Sf) Nycerella sanguinea
Onofre sibilans Salticidae 50, f. 9G-K (mf) Onofre sibilans
Pachomius albipalpis Salticidae 4, 51 (T from Romitia) Pachomius albipalpis
Pachomius andinus Salticidae 51, f. 38M-P (mf, T from Romitia) Pachomius andinus
Pachomius bahiensis Salticidae 4, 51 (T from Romitia) Pachomius bahiensis
Pachomius bilobatus Salticidae 51, f. 21A-I (mf, T from Phiale, S of Pachomius maculosus) Pachomius bilobatus
Pachomius colombianus Salticidae 4, 51 (T from Romitia) Pachomius colombianus
Pachomius dybowskii Salticidae 51, f. 22A-M (mf) Pachomius dybowskii
Pachomius flavescens Salticidae 51 (T from Phiale) Pachomius flavescens
Pachomius hieroglyphicus Salticidae 51, f. 21J-L (f, T from Phiale) Pachomius hieroglyphicus
Pachomius juquiaensis Salticidae 4, 51 (T from Romitia) Pachomius juquiaensis
Pachomius ministerialis Salticidae 4, 51 (T from Romitia) Pachomius ministerialis
Pachomius misionensis Salticidae 4, 51 (T from Romitia) Pachomius misionensis
Pachomius niger Salticidae 51, f. 37I-J (m, T from Romitia) Pachomius nigrus
Pachomius niveoguttatus Salticidae 51, f. 21M, 22N-O (mf, T from Phiale) Pachomius niveoguttatus
Pachomius patellaris Salticidae 51, f. 38Q-T (mf, T from Romitia) Pachomius patellaris
Pachomius similis Salticidae 51 (T from Phiale) Pachomius similis
Phiale formosa Salticidae 55, f. 23A-K (m, Df) Phiale formosa
Phiale gratiosa Salticidae 55, f. 24A-L (mf) Phiale gratiosa
Phiale mimica Salticidae 55, f. 38U-X (mf) Phiale mimica
Phidippus carolinensis Salticidae 79, f. 39E-F (m) Phidippus carolinensis
Philira micans Salticidae 58, f. 25A-K (mf, T from Chira) Philira micans
Philira superba Salticidae 58 (T from Chira) Philira superba
Portia labiata Salticidae 80, f. 40C-D (m) Portia labiata
Rishaschia mandibularis Salticidae 60, f. 26A-G (mf) [NB: figures as "Rishaschia mandibularis"] Rishaschia amrishi
Sumampattus pantherinus Salticidae 61, f. 27A-N (mf) Sumampattus pantherinus
Tarkas maculatipes Salticidae 63, f. 28A-E, G-O (Tm from Freya, Sf) Tarkas maculatipes
Triggella bifida Salticidae 67, f. 30A-E (Tm from Freya) Triggella bifida
Triggella infuscata Salticidae 67, f. 29A-K (Tf from Freya, Sm) Triggella infuscata
Triggella minuta Salticidae 67, f. 30F-J (Tm from Freya) Triggella minuta
Trydarssus pantherinus Salticidae 67, f. 31A-O (mf) Trydarssus pantherinus
Tullgrenella melanica Salticidae 69, f. 32I-L (mf) Tullgrenella melanica
Tullgrenella morenensis Salticidae 69, f. 32A-H (mf) Tullgrenella morenensis
Wedoquella denticulata Salticidae 71, f. 37Q-T (mf) Wedoquella denticulata
Wedoquella macrothecata Salticidae 71, f. 33A-M (mf) Wedoquella macrothecata
Wedoquella punctata Salticidae 71, f. 33N-O (mf) Wedoquella punctata
Xanthofreya albosignata Salticidae 76, f. 34A-K (Tf from Freya, Sm) Xanthofreya albosignata
Xanthofreya arraijanica Salticidae 76 (Tmf from Freya) Xanthofreya arraijanica
Xanthofreya bicuspidata Salticidae 76, f. 35A-P (Tmf from Phiale) Xanthofreya bicuspidata
Xanthofreya chionopogon Salticidae 76 (Tmf from Freya) Xanthofreya chionopogon
Xanthofreya rustica Salticidae 76, f. 36A-N (Tm from Freya) Xanthofreya rustica
Genus Family Page
Drizztius Edwards, 2015 Salticidae 29
Leptofreya Edwards, 2015 Salticidae 41
Megafreya Edwards, 2015 Salticidae 45
Philira Edwards, 2015 Salticidae 58
Tarkas Edwards, 2015 Salticidae 63
Triggella Edwards, 2015 Salticidae 63
Xanthofreya Edwards, 2015 Salticidae 71