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Bavia sexpunctata (Doleschall, 1859)

  • Rank: Species
  • Status: accepted
  • Described: m f
  • Last updated: 2021-11-12
  • LSID: []
  • Distribution: Malaysia, Indonesia (Sumatra), Vietnam, Japan (Ryukyu Is.) to Australia
Type deposit provide information
  • Syntype: Zoologisches Museum Hamburg (ZMH), Hamburg, Germany (data base search of type material, 11.02.2019); mf (A0001601) of Acompse dulcinervis L. Koch, 1879
  • Syntype: Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin (ZMB), Germany (database export of type material, March 2019); Acompse dulcinervis L. Koch, 1879, (3492)
Taxonomic references
Salticus sexpunctatus Doleschall, 1859: 24, pl. 4, f. 8 (Dm).
Marptusa sexpunctata Thorell, 1878b: 224 (Df).
Acompse dulcinervis L. Koch, 1879a: 1149, pl. 100, f. 1-2 (Dmf).
Bavia sexpunctata Simon, 1905c: 70.
Bavia sexpunctata Reimoser, 1934b: 501.
Bavia sexpunctata Prószyński, 1984a: 13 (mf).
Bavia sexpunctata Żabka, 1988: 436, f. 40-45 (mf).
Bavia sexpunctata Tanikawa, 1993a: 13, f. 1-7 (mf).
Bavia sexpunctata Berry, Beatty & Prószyński, 1997: 118, f. 35-38, 46 (mf).
Bavia sexpunctata Ono, Ikeda & Kono, 2009: 574, f. 154-158 (mf).
Bavia sexpunctata Ikeda & Nakajima, 2014: 35, f. 1-3 (f).
Bavia sexpunctata Edwards, 2015: 79, f. 39G-H (m).
Bavia sexpunctata Rio & Matsumoto, 2020: 85, f. 5-6 (f).
Bavia sexpunctata Maddison et al., 2020b: 42, f. 54-63 (mf).
Bavia sexpunctata Tam, 2021: 1, f. 1-8 (mf).

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