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Gabriel, R. (2016). Revised taxonomic placement of the species in the Central American genera Davus O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1892, Metriopelma Becker, 1878, and Schizopelma F. O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1897, with comments on species in related genera (Araneae: Theraphosidae). Arachnology 17(2): 61-92. doi:10.13156/arac.2006.17.2.61 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Acentropelma gutzkei Theraphosidae 84 (T from Lasiodora) Acentropelma gutzkei
Acentropelma spinulosum Theraphosidae 71, f. 84 (Tm from Metriopelma) Acentropelma spinulosum
Cyclosternum familiare Theraphosidae 85 (T from Metriopelma) Cyclosternum familiare
Cyclosternum ledezmae Theraphosidae 86 (T from Metriopelma) Cyclosternum ledezmae
Cyclosternum schmardae Theraphosidae 80, f. 69 (f) Cyclosternum schmardae
Cymbiapophysa velox Theraphosidae 88, f. 74 (Tm from Metriopelma) Pseudhapalopus velox
Davus fasciatus Theraphosidae 65, f. 1-9, 35, 38, 44 (mf, S of Metriopelma drymusetes) Davus fasciatus
Davus pentaloris Theraphosidae 67, f. 10-18, 36, 39, 42-43, 45 (mf, S of Davus mozinno) Davus pentaloris
Davus ruficeps Theraphosidae 69, f. 19-25, 40, 47-48 (Tmf from Hapalopus, removed from S with Cyclosternum pentaloris, S of Metriopelma zebrata) Davus ruficeps
Davus santos Theraphosidae 71, f. 26-34, 41, 49-51 (Dm) Davus santos
Eurypelmella masculina Theraphosidae 86 (T from Schizopelma) Eurypelmella masculina
Hapalopus coloratus Theraphosidae 86 (T from Metriopelma) Hapalopus coloratus
Hapalopus nigriventris Theraphosidae 78, f. 65-68 (f) Hapalopus nigriventris
Hapalopus variegatus Theraphosidae 86 (T from Metriopelma) Hapalopus variegatus
Lasiodora isabellina Theraphosidae 80, f. 70 (f) Crypsidromus isabellinus
Lasiodora klugi Theraphosidae 90, f. 77 (m) Lasiodora klugi
Metriopelma breyeri Theraphosidae 73, f. 52-55 (m) Metriopelma breyeri
Miaschistopus tetricus Theraphosidae 87 (T from Lasiodora) Miaschistopus tetricus
Miaschistopus tetricus Theraphosidae 90, f. 76 (m) Miaschistopus rapidus
Neischnocolus panamanus Theraphosidae 85 (T from Lasiodora) Barropelma parvior
Neischnocolus panamanus Theraphosidae 87 (T from Lasiodora) Neischnocolus panamanus
Pseudoschizopelma macropus Theraphosidae 84, f. 72 (Tm from Cyclosternum) Acentropelma macropus
Pseudoschizopelma macropus Theraphosidae 85, f. 73 (Tm from Schizopelma) Acentropelma sorkini
Schizopelma bicarinatum Theraphosidae 77, f. 56-64 (mf) Schizopelma bicarinatum
Spinosatibiapalpus spinulopalpus Theraphosidae 90, f. 75 (m) Pseudhapalopus spinulopalpus
Spinosatibiapalpus trinitatis Theraphosidae 87 (T from Lasiodora [= Crypsidromus]) Pseudhapalopus trinitatis
Spinosatibiapalpus trinitatis Theraphosidae 87 (T from Lasiodora [= Crypsidromus]) Pseudhapalopus trinitatis pauciaculeis
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