Included taxa

Smith, F. P. (1906). The spiders of the Diplocephalus group. Journal of the Quekett Microscopical Club (2) 9(58): 295-320. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Ceratinella brevis Linyphiidae 316 Ceratinodes brevis
Ceratinella scabrosa Linyphiidae 316 Ceratinodes scabrosa
Monocephalus fuscipes Linyphiidae 299 Monocephalus fuscipes
Panamomops sulcifrons Linyphiidae 311 Platyopis bicuspis
Pelecopsis elongata Linyphiidae 315 Pelecopsis elongata
Pelecopsis mengei Linyphiidae 315 Pelecopsis mengei
Pelecopsis parallela Linyphiidae 315 Pelecopsis parallelus
Saloca diceros Linyphiidae 311 Platyopis diceros
Genus Family Page
Monocephalus Smith, 1906 Linyphiidae ?