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Baehr, B. C., Harms, D., Dupérré, N. & Raven, R. (2017). The Australian lynx spiders (Araneae, Oxyopidae, Oxyopes) of the Godeffroy Collection, including the description of a new species. Evolutionary Systematics 1: 11-37. doi:10.3897/evolsyst.1.14652 download pdf


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Oxyopes amoenus Oxyopidae 15, f. 3A-E, 4A-E, 19A-B, 20A (mf) Oxyopes amoenus
Oxyopes attenuatus Oxyopidae 17, f. 5A-E, 20B (f) Oxyopes attenuatus
Oxyopes elegans Oxyopidae 18, f. 6A-E, 20C (f) Oxyopes elegans
Oxyopes godeffroyi Oxyopidae 20, f. 7A-E, 20D (Df) Oxyopes godeffroyi
Oxyopes gracilipes Oxyopidae 21, f. 8A-E, 19C-D (m) Oxyopes gracilipes
Oxyopes gratus Oxyopidae 21, f. 9A-E, 20F (f) Oxyopes gratus
Oxyopes lautus Oxyopidae 23 (numen dubium) Oxyopes lautus
Oxyopes macilentus Oxyopidae 23, f. 1F, 10A-E, 21A (f) Oxyopes macilentus
Oxyopes molarius Oxyopidae 25, f. 11A-E, 21B (f) Oxyopes molarius
Oxyopes mundulus Oxyopidae 25, f. 12A-E, 20E (f) [removed from S of O. gracilipes, contra Vink & Sirvid, 2000: 637] Oxyopes mundulus
Oxyopes punctatus Oxyopidae 26, f. 1A, 13A-E, 14A-D, 15A-C, 19E-F, 21C (mf) Oxyopes punctatus
Oxyopes quadrifasciatus Oxyopidae 30, f. 16A-E, 21D (f) Oxyopes quadrifasciatus
Oxyopes rubicundus Oxyopidae 31, f. 17A-E, 21E (f) Oxyopes rubicundus
Oxyopes variabilis Oxyopidae 32, f. 18A-E, 21F (f) Oxyopes variabilis
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