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Azevedo, G. H. F, Griswold, C. E. & Santos, A. J. (2018b). Systematics and evolution of ground spiders revisited (Araneae, Dionycha, Gnaphosidae). Cladistics 34(6): 579-626. doi:10.1111/cla.12226 download pdf


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Ammoxenus coccineus Gnaphosidae 599, f. 9a, 15a (m) Ammoxenus coccineus
Anzacia gemmea Gnaphosidae 600, f. 16a-c, S9a (m) Anzacia gemmea
Callilepis gosoga Gnaphosidae 607, f. 4a, 20b, 21a (m) Callilepis gosoga
Callilepis nocturna Gnaphosidae 604, f. 10a, 19a, 22a, S6b, S7b, S8a (f) Callilepis nocturna
Camillina cordifera Gnaphosidae 594, f. 10b, 12a, S8b, S9c, S10c, S12a (f) Camillina cordifera
Cesonia bilineata Gnaphosidae 604, f. 7b, 19b, 21b, S1a, S8c, S12b (mf) Cesonia bilineata
Cithaeron praedonius Cithaeronidae 599, f. 8a, 9b, 15b, 19c, 20b, S8d, S11a (mf) Cithaeron praedonius
Drassodes saccatus Gnaphosidae 604, f. 10c, 19d, 21c (mf) Drassodes saccatus
Drassyllus fallens Gnaphosidae 609, f. 5b, 12b, 23a (m) Drassyllus fallens
Gnaphosa californica Gnaphosidae 607, f. 12c, 20d, 21d, S1e, S7d, S10g (m) Gnaphosa californica
Haplodrassus stuxbergi Gnaphosidae 609, f. 23b, S1b, S6d (m) Haplodrassus hiemalis
Herpyllus ecclesiasticus Gnaphosidae 604, f. 7c, 10d, 19e, 21e, S13c (mf) Herpyllus ecclesiasticus
Hypodrassodes maoricus Gnaphosidae 604, f. 9e-f, 13d, 19f, 23c, S6e, S8e, S9f (mf) Hypodrassodes maoricus
Litopyllus temporarius Gnaphosidae 607, f. 7f,i, 21f, S6f (m) Litopyllus temporarius
Lygromma chamberlini Prodidomidae 604, f. 19g, S8f (f) Lygromma chamberlini
Micaria gosiuta Gnaphosidae 599, f. 4f, 9c, 10e, 15c, 22d, S7e, S9g, S10h, S12d, S13d (m) Micaria gosiuta
Moreno grande Prodidomidae 599, f. 4g, 9d, 15d, 19h, S8g, S9h (mf) Moreno grande
Neodrassex aureus Gnaphosidae 600, f. 16d-f (m) Neodrassex aureus
Nodocion eclecticus Gnaphosidae 604, f. 5d, 10f, 19i, 20e, 22e, S8h (f) Nodocion eclecticus
Nomisia aussereri Gnaphosidae 617, f. S8i (f) Nomisia aussereri
Pterotricha conspersa Gnaphosidae 607, f. 12e, 20f, 21g (m) Pterotricha conspersa
Sergiolus capulatus Gnaphosidae 607, f. 7e,h, 12f, 20g, 21h, S6g, S9j (m) Sergiolus capulatus
Setaphis subtilis Gnaphosidae 604, f. 12g, 19j, S8j, S12h, S13f (f) Setaphis subtilis
Sosticus insularis Gnaphosidae 609, f. 23d, S6h (m) Sosticus insularis
Trachyzelotes pedestris Gnaphosidae 609, f. 22g, 23e, S7f (m) Trachyzelotes pedestris
Trochanteria gomezi Trochanteriidae 599, f. 8d, 9d, 15e, S7h, S10j, S13h (m) Trochanteria gomezi
Vectius niger Trochanteriidae 599, f. 7l, 15f, 16j-l, 19k, 20h, S8k, S10k (mf) Vectius niger
Zelanda erebus Gnaphosidae 604, f. 9h, 19l, S8l, S10l (f) Zelanda erebus
Zelotes duplex Gnaphosidae 609, f. 12h, 22h, 23f (m) Zelotes duplex
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