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Prószyński, J. (2018b). Review of genera Evarcha and Nigorella, with comments on Emertonius, Padilothorax [sic], Stagetillus, and description of five new genera and two new species (Araneae: Salticidae). Ecologica Montenegrina 16: 130-179. doi:10.37828/em.2018.16.12 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Colopsus cancellatus Salticidae 142, f. 3J, 6G (mf) Evacin cancellata
Emertonius exasperans Salticidae 166, f. 19A,C, 21A-D (mf, T from Myrmarachne) Emertonius exasperans
Emertonius koomeni Salticidae 167, f. 19E-F, 25A-H (Df) Emertonius koomeni
Emertonius malayanus Salticidae 165, f. 21K-P, 22G, 26B-S (mf, T from Myrmarachne) Emertonius malayanus
Emertonius palawensis Salticidae 170, f. 21Q-R1 (Dm) "Emertonius" palawensis
Emertonius shelfordi Salticidae 171, f. 19D, 21G-J1, 26A (mf, T from Myrmarachne) Emertonius shelfordi
Evarcha acuta Salticidae 155, f. 15A (m) Evarcha [?] acuta
Evarcha acuta Salticidae 142, f. 7M (mf) Evacin acuta
Evarcha aegyptiaca Salticidae 151, f. 10L-M (Df) Evaneg aegyptiaca
Evarcha alba Salticidae 143, f. 7S-7S1 (f, T from Viciria) Evacin alba
Evarcha albaria Salticidae 148, f. 1R-V, 3M, 9A (mf) Evalba albaria
Evarcha annae Salticidae 155, f. 15B (f) Evarcha [?] annae
Evarcha aposto Salticidae 155, f. 15C (m) Evarcha [?] aposto
Evarcha arabica Salticidae 153, f. 13J (mf) Evawes arabica
Evarcha arcuata Salticidae 140, f. 2L-N, 5I-I3 (mf) Evarcha arcuata
Evarcha armeniaca Salticidae 149, f. 10I (mf) Evaneg armeniaca
Evarcha awashi Salticidae 153, f. 14I-J (mf) Evawes awashi
Evarcha bakorensis Salticidae 153, f. 2U, 13O-P (mf) Evawes bakorensis
Evarcha besar Salticidae 146, f. 8A-H (Dm) Evacin besar
Evarcha bihastata Salticidae 153, f. 13K (m) Evawes bihastata
Evarcha bulbosa Salticidae 142, f. 6K (m) Evacin bulbosa
Evarcha carbonaria Salticidae 153, f. 13I (m) Evawes carbonaria
Evarcha certa Salticidae 155, f. 15D (f) Evarcha [?] certa
Evarcha chappuisi Salticidae 155, f. 15F (mf) Evarcha [?] chappuisi
Evarcha chubbi Salticidae 153, f. 13N (m) Evawes chubbi
Evarcha coreana Salticidae 148, f. 9D (mf) Evalba coreana
Evarcha coreana Salticidae 148, f. 9E (mf) Evalba paralbaria
Evarcha crinita Salticidae 155, f. 15G (f) Evarcha [?] crinita
Evarcha culicivora Salticidae 153, f. 2V-W, 13Q-R (mf) Evawes culicivora
Evarcha darinurica Salticidae 149, f. 10E (mf) Evaneg darinurica
Evarcha denticulata Salticidae 153, f. 14D (mf) Evawes denticulata
Evarcha falcata Salticidae 140, f. 1A-D, 2A-F, 5A1-A3,B1-B3 (mf) Evarcha falcata
Evarcha falcata xinglongensis Salticidae 140, f. 5G (f) Evarcha falcata xinglongensis
Evarcha fasciata Salticidae 148, f. 9B (m) Evalba fasciata
Evarcha fischeri Salticidae 146, f. 6J (f, removed from S of Evarcha flavocincta, contra Żabka, 1985: 224) Evacin fischeri
Evarcha flagellaris Salticidae 146, f. 2O, 5J, 7V (mf) Evacin flagellaris
Evarcha flavocincta Salticidae 146 (removed Evarcha fischeri, E. heteropogon and E. simonis from S, contra Żabka, 1985: 224) Evacin flavocincta
Evarcha flavocincta Salticidae 142, f. 6H (f) Evacin optabilis
Evarcha gausapata Salticidae 155, f. 15F (f) Evarcha [?] gausapata
Evarcha grandis Salticidae 155, f. 15J (f) Evarcha [?] grandis
Evarcha heteropogon Salticidae 142, f. 6E-6E1 (f, removed from S of Evarcha flavocincta, contra Żabka, 1985: 224) Evacin heteropogon
Evarcha hoyi Salticidae 140, f. 2K, 5D1-D3 (mf) Evarcha hoyi
Evarcha idanrensis Salticidae 155 Evarcha [?] idanrensis
Evarcha ignea Salticidae 153, f. 2T, 13G-H (mf) Evawes ignea
Evarcha improcera Salticidae 155, f. 15M (f) Evarcha [?] improcera
Evarcha infrastriata Salticidae 142, f. 3H, 7W (mf) Evacin infrastriata
Evarcha jucunda Salticidae 153, f. 2Q-S, 13C-D1 (mf) Evawes jucunda
Evarcha karas Salticidae 142, f. 7Q (m) Evacin karas
Evarcha kirghisica Salticidae 142, f. 7N (mf) Evacin kirghisica
Evarcha kochi Salticidae 147, f. 1M-Q, 6A-C (mf) Evacin kochi
Evarcha laetabunda Salticidae 140, f. 5E1-E2 (mf) Evarcha laetabunda
Evarcha longula Salticidae 153, f. 3L, 14C (mf) Evawes longula
Evarcha maculata Salticidae 153, f. 14E (mf) Evawes maculata
Evarcha madagascariensis Salticidae 153, f. 14A (m) Evawes madagascariensis
Evarcha michailovi Salticidae 140, f. 5H1-H2 (mf) Evarcha michailovi
Evarcha mirabilis Salticidae 153, f. 14G (m) Evawes mirabilis
Evarcha mongolica Salticidae 140, f. 5F (m) Evarcha mongolica
Evarcha negevensis Salticidae 149, f. 1I-L, 3A, 4D-I, 10A-B (mf) Evaneg negevensis
Evarcha nenilini Salticidae 149, f. 10F (mf) Evaneg nenilini
Evarcha nepos Salticidae 149, f. 10H (mf) Evaneg nepos
Evarcha nigricans Salticidae 149, f. 10J (m) Evaneg nigricans
Evarcha nigrifrons Salticidae 147, f. 6I (f) Evacin nigrifrons
Evarcha patagiata Salticidae 153, f. 1E-H, 2P, 4O-S, 13A-B (mf) Evawes patagiata
Evarcha picta Salticidae 153, f. 13L-M (mf) Evawes picta
Evarcha pileckii Salticidae 149, f. 10G (m) Evaneg pileckii
Evarcha pinguis Salticidae 153, f. 14H (f) Evawes pinguis
Evarcha pococki Salticidae 142, f. 7O (m) Evacin pococki
Evarcha praeclara Salticidae 149, f. 3B-C, 4L1-L3,M, 10C-D (mf) Evaneg praeclara
Evarcha prosimilis Salticidae 153, f. 14K-L (mf) Evawes prosimilis
Evarcha proszynskii Salticidae 140, f. 2G-J, 5C1-C3 (mf) Evarcha proszynskii
Evarcha pseudopococki Salticidae 148, f. 7P (m) Evacin pseudopococki
Evarcha pulchella Salticidae 142, f. 6L (m) Evacin pulchella
Evarcha reiskindi Salticidae 142, f. 6F (mf) Evacin reiskindi
Evarcha russellsmithi Salticidae 155, f. 15K (f) Evarcha [?] russellsmithi
Evarcha russellsmithi Salticidae 155, f. 15L (m) Evarcha [?] idanrensis
Evarcha selenaria Salticidae 148, f. 3N, 9C (mf) Evalba selenaria
Evarcha seyun Salticidae 149, f. 3D, 10K (mf) Evaneg seyun
Evarcha simonis Salticidae 142, f. 6D-6D1 (f, removed from S of Evarcha flavocincta, contra Żabka, 1985: 224) Evacin simonis
Evarcha squamulata Salticidae 155, f. 15P (m) Evarcha [?] squamulata
Evarcha striolata Salticidae 142, f. 3K, 7U (mf) Evacin striolata
Evarcha vitosa Salticidae 142, f. 7T (f) Evacin vitosa
Evarcha vittula Salticidae 155, f. 15O (m) Evarcha [?] vittula
Evarcha werneri Salticidae 153, f. 13E-F (mf) Evawes elegans
Evarcha wulingensis Salticidae 148, f. 9F (m) Evalba wulingensis
Evarcha zimbabwensis Salticidae 153, f. 14B (m) Evawes zimbabwensis
Hasarina contortospinosa Salticidae 157, f. 18F-H (mf) [if Hasarina c. would be transferred to Nigorella, Hasarina would become the valid generic name for Nigorella; the generic synonymy is not stated by the author; see also Marusik & Blick, 2019: 90] Nigorella contortospinosa
Hasarius adansoni Salticidae 159, f. 17F (m) Hasarius adansoni
Hyllus aegyptiacus Salticidae 151, f. 10N (m, T from Neaetha, N.B.: female see Evarcha aegyptiaca) Hyllus aegyptiacus
Hyllus semicupreus Salticidae 151, f. 10O (m) Hyllus semicupreus
Indopadilla vimedaba Salticidae 174, f. 28F-L (mf, T from Stagetillus; misidentified per Maddison et al., 2020b: 58) Padillothorax semiostrinus
Myrmaplata aureonigra Salticidae 163, f. 22H (f, T from Myrmarachne) Myrmaplata aureonigra
Myrmaplata hispidacoxa Salticidae 165, f. 22I (f) Myrmaplata hispidacoxa
Myrmaplata plataleoides Salticidae 165, f. 22F (f) Myrmaplata plataleoides
Myrmarachne acromegalis Salticidae 161, f. 19J (f) Myrmarachne acromegalis
Myrmarachne assimilis Salticidae 161, f. 19K (f) Myrmarachne assimilis
Myrmarachne balinese Salticidae 165, f. 22B (f) Myrmarachne balinese
Myrmarachne biseratensis Salticidae 161, f. 19L (f) Myrmarachne biseratensis
Myrmarachne cornuta Salticidae 161, f. 19M, 22A (f) Myrmarachne cornuta
Myrmarachne epigealis Salticidae 161, f. 19G (f) Toxeus epigealis
Myrmarachne glavisi Salticidae 165, f. 22C (f) Myrmarachne glavisi
Myrmarachne kilifi Salticidae 171, f. 21W-Z (mf) "Myrmarachne" kilifi
Myrmarachne laurentina Salticidae 171, f. 21S-V (mf) "Myrmarachne" laurentina
Myrmarachne macrognatha Salticidae 161, f. 19N (f) Myrmarachne macrognatha
Myrmarachne melanocephala Salticidae 165, f. 19B, 22E1 (f) Myrmarachne melanocephala
Myrmarachne pumilio Salticidae 161, f. 19O (f) Myrmarachne hanoi
Myrmarachne ramosa Salticidae 165, f. 22E (f) Myrmarachne ramosa
Myrmarachne tristis Salticidae 165, f. 22D (f) Myrmarachne tristis
Nigorella aethiopica Salticidae 157, f. 17N (mf) Nigorella aethiopica
Nigorella albimana Salticidae 157, f. 16A-A1, 17G-I (mf) Nigorella albimana
Nigorella hirsuta Salticidae 157, f. 16B-B1, 17J-K (mf) Nigorella hirsuta
Nigorella hirticeps Salticidae 157, f. 18B-C (m, removed from S of Evarcha hirticeps contra Yin et al., 2012: 1364, T from Evarcha) Nigorella hunanensis
Nigorella hirticeps Salticidae 157, f. 16C-D,C1-D1, 17D, 18A,D-E (mf, T from Evarcha, S of E. hunanensis rejected) Nigorella hirticeps
Nigorella manica Salticidae 157, f. 17L-M (m) Nigorella manica
Nigorella orientalis Salticidae 148 Evalba orientalis
Nigorella petrae Salticidae 157, f. 18J (m, T from Evarcha) Nigorella [?] petrae
Nigorella plebeja Salticidae 159, f. 17A (f) Euophrys plebeja
Nigorella sichuanensis Salticidae 157, f. 18I (mf, T from Evarcha) [but on p. 155 as "Evarcha [?] sichuanensis"] Nigorella sichuanensis
Orientattus bicuspidatus Salticidae 153, f. 14F (m) Evawes bicuspidata
Pachypoessa lacertosa Salticidae 159, f. 17E (m) Pachypoessa lacertosa
Padillothorax taprobanicus Salticidae 175 (T from Stagetillus, species inquirenda) Padillothorax taprobanicus
Padillothorus elegans Salticidae 174, f. 28D-E, 30 (f, T from Stagetillus) Padillothorus elegans
Pharacocerus ephippiatus Salticidae 159, f. 17C (m) ["misplaced"] Pharacocerus ephippiatus
Pharacocerus sessor Salticidae 159, f. 17B (m) Pharacocerus sessor
Ptocasius montiformis Salticidae 155, f. 15I (m) Evarcha [?] digitata
Toxeus grossus Salticidae 163, f. 22K (f, T from Myrmarachne) Toxeus grossus
Toxeus hirsutipalpi Salticidae 165, f. 22J (f) Toxeus hirsutipalpi
Toxeus jajpurensis Salticidae 165, f. 22L (f) Toxeus jajpurensis
Toxeus maxillosus Salticidae 161, f. 19H (f) Toxeus maxillosus
Yaginumaella wenxianensis Salticidae 155, f. 15R (mf, T from Evarcha) Yaginumaella wenxianensis
Genus Family Page
Evacin Prószyński, 2018 Salticidae 141
Evalba Prószyński, 2018 Salticidae 148
Evaneg Prószyński, 2018 Salticidae 149
Evawes Prószyński, 2018 Salticidae 152
Padillothorus Prószyński, 2018 Salticidae 173